A new year… a new way of marketing

Happy 2013!

As a human race, we’re on the massive tipping point of change. We’re rapidly shedding the industrial age and entering an age of transcendence. We’re becoming more conscious beings and more conscious business leaders and a new approach to business and marketing is required.

That’s why Conscious Marketing is set to revolutionise the way we market our companies starting from the inside out.

Conscious Marketing is all about operating on purpose, building engaging and compelling products and services and developing a strong people eco-system, all way before we hit the promotions trail.

The principles of Conscious Marketing move us from being Company-centric to Customer-Centric, from Negative Message to Positive Message, from Interruption Marketing to Invitation Marketing, from Mass Media to Niche Media and from Competitive to Collaborative and so much more.

If you’re keen to take a totally new approach to marketing, then I’d love to have a chat with you (phone +61 412 806 950 or email me), send you my paper on Conscious Marketing for Today’s Business (email me) or see you at my full day Conscious Marketing Foundations Workshop in Melbourne on Friday 22 February (it’s just $99). Find out more and book here.

Either way, I’d love to engage with you and help you on your Conscious Marketing journey in 2013.

Yours in Conscious Marketing 

If you’d like to find out more about my Conscious Marketing programs, book me to speak or run a workshop on Conscious Marketing, Email me or call on +61 412 806 950.