Writing stories that move us to remake our world.

Write with courage for impact and change. Because your story matters.

Greetings and welcome to my website! My name is Carolyn Tate and I’m on an adventure to write the stories that move us to remake our world—particularly for women and Mother Earth. Alongside writing, I also teach and mentor women to unleash their voice and write with courage for impact and change.

I’ve seen too many women fade into the background as they get older. Sexism and ageism are a lethal combination. We can feel ignored and overlooked and we start to believe our stories don’t matter, that they’re not worth writing and sharing.

Truth is, our stories matter now more than ever.

By writing them and adding them to the collective of women’s stories we might just begin to make a dent in the man-made universe to rebalance history with her-story.

That’s why the Brave Women Writers’ Circles and Brave Women Writers’ Dinners are here to help. They’re a brave space for you to find your voice, free the writer within and get your story out into the world, whether that’s a novel, short story or a memoir.

So who am I and how am I qualified to help? As a professional writer for twenty years, I’ve written six books the best-seller The Purpose Project and my most recent book, Brave Women Write. I’m also a blogger writing on two other projects; Love Stories of the Birrarung (a storytelling project aimed at inspiring Victorians to love our river) and Between Two Hills (a chronicle of our tree-change and novice farming journey).

I’m an ex-banker and marketer turned purpose pioneer, writer and educator who is a nature lover, ecofeminist, novice farmer and river swimmer. I love nothing more than helping others become better, bolder, braver writers.

Come take an adventure with me and free your inner writer.

Because you story matters.

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