Carolyn is a master at finding and engaging the hearts of her audience. She is an authentic and powerful agent for the change we need in our world.

- Cath Sutherland, Conscious Business

When I read your book, I was so caught in a land of conversion rates, A/B testing, and optimization that I’d lost sight of the bigger vision. And as I read it, I kept jotting down notes of what the larger promise was, I developed the vision, and gained an incredible clarity. Not only did it help shape something that will be Stillmotion’s biggest launch, it has helped to make sure that what we launch is more effective, that we deliver on our promise. And that will mean real change in the lives of storytellers around the world, and by extension their audience. So thank you. There will be somebody who travels to a far off country to chase down a story of the voiceless and forgotten, and they’ll use MUSE to help make it more moving, more intentional, and it have it make a larger impact. So thank you on their behalf as well. And that impact, that ability to help others connect their audience to things that matter, helps bring great peace in my mothers passing, as I know how proud it made it, and it was all she wished we’d find – our purpose.

- Patrick Moreau, Stillmotion

I’m reaching out to let you know how much I love Conscious Marketing and your work. I read the book earlier this year, and it was an inspiration for our mission and purpose. I refer to the book often and have shared it with my friends, colleagues, and team. I recently moved to Melbourne, Australia, from Washington, DC, and thought of reaching out to you. Please keep doing what you’re doing, and I look forward to following your journey!

- Stephanie David, POPNOD

Carolyn recently facilitated an afternoon workshop for us as part of our Resourcing Leaders 100 lunch series. Our lunches often focus on talent acquisition challenges and topics so this was a departure from what we usually do. And it was so successful. The feedback from our delegates was excellent. Many have taken back to their workplaces some ideas around working with their teams and talking more with their businesses about purpose. Carolyn was engaging, flexible to pursue ideas and created great energy in the room. This was particularly brilliant when we gave her a speaking tie of 1.30 – 3 and after the delegates had a glass of wine! She did not lose one person and the conversations we had were incredibly worthwhile. Everyone left with their book written by Carolyn and renewed vigour as to going back to their offices and achieving. There were some great messages on our private chat channel afterward letting the leaders that couldn’t attend that they had missed something special! Thanks, Carolyn and we would love to have you at our events again!

- Andrea Kirby, Recruitment Events

I found our coaching more valuable than discussing strategies in marketing. Carolyn you have helped me get clearer with my purpose and mission. Since our phone session my attitude, energy and hunger are at an all time peak. I see the vision even clearer now and it energises me through the daily grind. So often people discuss business assets such as capital. equipment, cash etc. While these are important, the greatest assets are my values of drive, passion and discipline coupled with a sense of mission that gives me a big “why” and reasons to continue moving forward.

- Steve, VividMaths

Through 1:1 coaching sessions and reading the Purpose Project, Carolyn has helped me get clear on what really matters to me and how I can be in immediate action through purpose projects. Her approach is supportive, thought provoking and authentic. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Carolyn and am more connected to my purpose and what legacy I want to create than ever before!

- Bridie Rinaldi, lululemon

Carolyn is beyond passionate. She is knowledgeable, deeply committed to doing business differently for a better world and this radiates through her presentations. She will inspire your audience to think about how they can commit to purpose for the greater good.

- Sandy McDonald, TEDx Speaker, Get it Right Online

Carolyn gave an amazing presentation to the International HRD Forum on finding your purpose in a multinational company in April 2019. It was one of the most popular sessions we’ve had in the Forum for a long time, and Carolyn left attendees with many inspiring ideas to take back to their workplaces, and practical tools to help bring purpose to life. If you’re struggling to find your own purpose in life or business, you must speak to Carolyn!

- Neal Woolrich, Director, International HRD Forum

Having read Carolyn’s powerful book, The Purpose Project, RiseSmart partnered with Carolyn on a roadshow of Deep Dinners around Australia. A number of business leaders and HR executives joined us for conversation about Purpose and how to bring it to life in organisations. Such a powerful project which lead to a number of organisations igniting action and for RiseSmart to collaborate with Carolyn on the creation of a Purpose Project SmartSession for participants of our transition program – something that has proved very popular and receives terrific feedback every time it is facilitated. If you are considering embarking on a Purpose journey, talking to Carolyn is a must!

- Alison Hernandez, Director, Randstad RiseSmart

A passionate and authentic speaker with an incredible depth of knowledge both in terms of the big picture and the detail of implementation. A true change maker who brings bold ideas and deep conversations to the events she’s part of.

- Robert Moorman, Hunting with Pixels

I have been reflecting on our wonderful experience and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful generosity in including me in the Purpose Project. It was a perfect day. Thoughtfully designed, sincere, provocative and completely fulfilling. You are a joy and inspiration, the essence of what the world needs more of! Its a great challenge to shape ourselves into beings of purpose, one that is utmost in my thoughts. Thank you for helping me in my quest.

- Victoria James

I really enjoyed the session yesterday and would say it is one of the best sessions that I have been to for a long while.

- Andrea

The Purpose Project is a useful practical text to read through and then dip back into the bits that resonated most. If you do the recommended work in the exercises, you will get more out of the book. Personal case studies make the journey more memorable and engaging. Don’t be surprised if this book becomes ‘active’ on your bookshelf, rather than gathering dust.

- Robin Power

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Carolyn for the last 20 years. She recently worked on a project for RSL LifeCare with us, where we reconnected the conference leadership team with the organisational purpose and she coached a select group on recognising their own purpose and how it aligned with the overall purpose. There were so many positive outcomes from this. I think the most impactful was the ability to showcase individual’s stories with their peers and see how by doing this work it opens up so much inspiration and connection, both one on one and by building rapport and a new sense of appreciation for the client services they provide. I look forward to many more journeys of discovery with Carolyn.

- Ruth Hirst, Synergy Effect

Carolyn is a truly selfless professional who avails her amazing skill and time to supporting others in pursuing their passion and purpose in life. Her book Conscious Marketing has provided me with the simple tools to be able to find my purpose and create a business that helps me live that purpose daily. She is the Founder of Slow School which challenges conventional learning and provides a safe space for peers to learn and grow together from shared experience around a range of both hard and soft topics. Carolyn has been instrumental in supporting my transition from the corporate world into my own company. Connecting me with like minds, advocating my work and just checking in to support the process.

- Penny Locaso, BKindred

Carolyn breaks the manipulative marketing paradigm! She is leading a new marketing movement that genuinely cares about people and our planet.

- Jono Fisher, Wake Up Project

It was great to work with you! It has helped me immensely with regards to the structure of my talk. I loved how you helped me simplify my marketing too and focus on just a few things. When it comes to marketing…do less, do it well, rinse and repeat it, right? Thank you also for guiding me on my topics generally. I now know the impact real life stories can have. I have much to learn. Thank you.

- Sharon Breslin, Lifestyle Journey’s

Can you believe it is over 2 years since we worked together. I know you have done a lot in that time, and I often marvel at your ability to run with ideas and launch off the cliff and make them fly. You’re an inspiration.Finally I am renewed. I have a new zest for life and I’m embracing my purpose without anxiety and fear, and with unstoppable enthusiasm and clarity. Your words and guidance continue to ring true, and I find myself being that person I knew I had to be in 2014. Thank you for your wisdom, passion and integrity. I now have the confidence to naturally speak from my inner voice that knows what I deeply believe, what I want to fix, and how I can support people and businesses to express their stories in compelling and purposeful ways.Recently I have begun having the most interesting, exciting, and meaningful conversations about possibilities. I’m sure they will develop into work that will have great benefit for many people. Thanks for your spirit Carolyn. I’m so grateful for that time, and to be able to now spread my own wings. You’re my red Bull!

- Victoria Maxwell-Davis, The Max Pictures

Conscious Marketing is an ideal book for aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders and students who want to understand purpose driven business and the new economy. The book captures and emphasis the importance for businesses to compete to be not only best in the world, but best for the world.

- Alicia Darvall, B Corporation

The need for business to operate with equal social, environmental and organisational outcomes must be the new norm. Carolyn has real clarity around this and can lead your organisation to more engaged and purposeful outcomes.

- Jon Yeo, TEDxMelbourne