Brave Women Write Book Mentoring

Unleash your voice and turn your story into a published book.

Are you a woman who yearns to share your story with the world? Have you been holding yourself back? Or perhaps you’ve already begun writing or even finished your first draft manuscript but you’re not sure what to do next? I’m here to help.

With my mentoring services, inspired by the transformational principles of my book Brave Women Write, you’ll receive the support you need to get your book done and out into the world.

Here’s a few ways I help:

90-Day Intensive: In just 90 days, my intensive mentoring program will get you to the end of your first draft. Through an initial invigorating workshop, we’ll shape your idea, refine your book’s structure and set writing goals to achieve your vision.

Planning Workshop: Perhaps you have a writing idea or have begun writing and are blocked or don’t know what next? A short workshop with me might be all you need to flesh out your idea, structure your book and get writing again.

Manuscript Assessments: To ensure your manuscript is polished and ready for the world, I offer comprehensive assessments. Whether it’s a single chapter or the entire book, I’ll provide expert feedback and recommendations to ensure your story shines.

My mentoring services are exclusively tailored for women who yearn to write stories of change, no matter the scale. Whether you want to preserve your grandmother’s legacy or shed light on pressing societal issues, I am passionate about helping you write a story of purpose and impact.

Don’t let your story remain untold. Take action today by booking a call with me. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey to empower you to get your story written and out into the world. Let’s turn your aspirations into a published book that will inspire and impact others.

Because your story matters.