Conscious Marketing is here!

It’s finally here! I’m talking about the long version of the short version of Conscious Marketing. Yep the whole book!

The short version was a 20-page e-book published in late 2012 – a rant on why marketing was sick and broken and destroying humanity and the planet.

There’s a rant in the long version too but also a kick-arse model to help us reinvent it, a Conscious Marketing Manifesto and stories from 40 companies around the world doing it with a conscience.


It’s taken me this long to do my research, develop a new model, write the book and handle a couple of other pet projects on my plate (namely the publishing of Unstuck in Provence and the launch of Slow School.)

But now it’s here and I’m super-keen to share it with you, mainly because we simply don’t have time to waste. There’s never been a better time on earth to reinvent your marketing (and your business) – for everyone’s sake.

Please join the movement by saying gidday at my book launch, buying the book, or attending my workshop. Hell, it might even change your life!

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