Ditch the elevator pitch & some cool ways to get conscious with your marketing

In the push and shove of today’s fast-paced world of business, we’re being told it’s vital to have a compelling elevator pitch. In 30 seconds you’re expected to excite someone with what you do and what you offer. You’re expected to be ‘pitch perfect.’

I used to teach this stuff years ago, although I had a different term for it then. I called it the ‘verbal brand’.

These days, many years later, I think it’s a load of bull.

Sure I’d like to know what you do (that you’re an accountant, financial planner, graphic designer and so on), but I’m far more interested in why you do what you do, your purpose for being in business and what really gets you fired up. And sadly,why can’t be squeezed into a 30 second rehearsed elevator pitch. Why is communicated with passion, excitement and even a swear word or two. The why is authentic, imperfect, unconstrained and full of stories and shocking statistics and other stuff I never knew I needed to know.

Let me give you my own example to show you how you can craft your own purpose statement.

‘I believe that marketing is broken and it’s contributed to the decay of humanity (then I tell a real life story of why it’s broken and throw in some controversial stats like the fact that last year $650 billion dollars was wasted on advertising). I believe there’s a better way and that’s why I’m leading a conscious marketing movement to change it (what I’m doing about it). By doing this I’ll inspire business people to create sustainable and profitable companies that leave the world a better place for future generations (the result).

Ultimately my son Billy, is the reason why I do what I do.  I want him to grow up in a conscious business world, where the purpose of business is to improve humanity and where wealth (not just in financial terms) is created for all, not just the elite few.

And then of course, I ask the right questions to engage in a meaningful conversation.

Your purpose statement and the ensuing conversation doesn’t have to be about changing the world. It just has to be about the big why.

It’s time to ditch the elevator pitch!

Let’s start having ‘purpose conversations.’ It’s all part of a more conscious approach to business and marketing.

And now here are some cool things to help you on your conscious marketing journey;

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Till next time!

Yours in Conscious Marketing