Brave Women Writers’ Group Special


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Includes 4 signed books & free postage in Australia.

Grief. It’s universal. We all experience it, whether it’s over the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship or the devastating destruction of Mother Earth. We can’t avoid grief, and nor would we want to. It’s what makes us better, braver, kinder human beings.

Writing is the most powerful way to face grief and find hope. By freeing the writer within, we free ourselves from the grip grief holds on us. When life becomes dark, writing is the way through.

Brave Women Write is a manifesto for women with a yearning to write for both personal and planetary healing. I share the stories of my fifteen years as an author and the thirty-three practices I use to get my words onto the page and out into the world.

If you’re committed to healing your hurt, finding your voice and sharing your story, this book will show you how to get started and make writing a practice for life.