The Purpose Project

Turn your purpose into action. Build a better world.

Unlock purpose in your people for happier, healthier and more resilient workplaces and schools.

As a pioneer of purpose in Australia, I’ve been teaching personal and organisational purpose for over ten years. My best-selling book The Purpose Project is a trusted guide to thousands of leaders. My recent training in nature-based leadership has led me to understand the power of Mother Nature as our greatest teacher. In nature, using the tool of storytelling, we are best placed to unearth new possibilities and a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

The Purpose Project

A handbook for bringing meaning to life at work.

Bring your why to work. Start where you are.

A higher purpose than profit is now an imperative for a thriving workplace. Purpose answers the fundamental questions: Why do we exist beyond making a profit? How are we being better for the world not just the best in the world? The Purpose Project is a practical handbook filled with models, real-life stories and practices for business leaders and school principals who are committed to bringing meaning to life in their staff and students.

Purpose in Companies

Purpose unites and ignites people. It connects teams, improves engagement and attracts and retains great people. Using proven frameworks from The Purpose Project, I’ve taught and coached thousands of leaders and employees how to bring purpose to life at work and share their stories. My expertise is in connecting organisational purpose with personal purpose so everyone is fulfilled at work. My clients include organisations like lululemon, BankVic and RSL LifeCare to name a few.

I’ve recommended Carolyn to a number of my clients now. She is a master at teaching leaders how to articulate and communicate purpose through storytelling. Her models and processes are well tested and result in solid outcomes.

Paul McGill, Investor/Consultant

Purpose in Schools

Help your students move beyond an occupation and find their unique purpose and vocation while inspiring your teachers to bring their own why to work. Using proven models and real-life stories, I help people connect to what really matters, articulate their purpose, communicate it through story and turn it into action. My clients include Independent Schools Victoria, Australian International Academy and St Johns Preston and more.

Is Talk on Purpose the course for your school?

Talk on Purpose is a short course for the students and teachers leading change across your school. The course helps participants articulate their purpose and bring it to life through the power of storytelling. Including two days of training and two private coaching sessions, participants graduate from the course by delivering a 3-minute speech to your school community.

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We developed a great partnership with Carolyn to deliver her ‘Talk on Purpose’ course for our Principal Executive Network. Her dedication was evident in her connection to each participant and highly engaging presentations.

Aynur Simsirel, Independent Schools Victoria

Private Purpose Coaching

Finding your soul’s purpose starts by living a purposeful life and taking on projects that are meaningful to you that make a difference in your community, company or school. Through my private purpose coaching, I help you bust through your blocks to explore your purpose, write a purpose statement and experiment with projects to turn it into action. 

Carolyn’s insight and astute observations enabled me to clearly identify and articulate my purpose. She assisted me to align my purpose to the schools future direction. At a time of deep personal reflection, the coaching with Carolyn helped immensely.

Anna Urban, School Principal

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