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Finding your purpose helps to answer the fundamental questions...

Why are we here?

What is most meaningful to us?

How is the world better because we exist?

What is the legacy we're leaving?


Does everyone in your business know what your purpose is?

Do they know how to accurately communicate why you exist as a team or company in an engaging and authentic way?

The Talk on Purpose course is a connection, cohesion and communication exercise like no other.

It helps your team answer the question of why they do what they do beyond making a profit.

Companies who don’t invest in purpose and teaching their people how to communicate it well, will likely end up with confusing and inconsistent brand messaging.

Talk on Purpose tackles this head on. It’s both a personal development and professional communication course for employees.

It’s designed to guide them towards understanding their own purpose within the organisation and how it fits with the greater team and company purpose.

Once your purpose is agreed upon, your people are then taught how to deliver a personal 3-minute TED-like talk that is shared at either a virtual or live graduation event.


One of the greatest challenges facing teenagers today is the anxiety of having to choose future studies and career paths.

The end of high school is an incredible time in our young people’s lives and it should be exciting and inspiring, not filled with angst.

Purpose Labs aim to take away the anxiety by helping students connect to their purpose and unlock their potential through taking on experimental projects.

While resilience is important, without a sense of purpose, it can seem temporary or even pointless. Purpose Labs put purpose first and help students find their why so they will naturally be more resilient knowing they’ve made good study, career and life choices.

Purpose Labs are for schools who are committed to helping their young people find their path in life to reach their highest potential.

Students who complete the course will have a renewed focus and motivation, with a clearer direction for what they want to do and who they want to be on leaving school.



We all know profit is the ultimate goal of a business – and of course, it has to be.

However, when your team and company is driven by a higher purpose, your people become more connected, more cohesive and better at communicating which ultimately improves performance, productivity and profitability.

My Purpose and Storytelling Workshops are designed to connect your people to the ‘why’ of your team and business and to help each person find their own ‘why’ at work.

All sessions are bespoke and designed to suit the specific needs of your team or organisation.

They are perfect for companies who are looking to bring everyone together and engage staff in the process of finding purpose. Those who want to develop and improve their marketing message and brand identity will also benefit.

They can be a half-day, full-day or two-day program and can be incorporated into existing team-building events or learning programs. It completely depends on your business needs.




Now is the time to dig deep and create a project that will be both meaningful to you and helpful for other people in your life and at work.

That’s what The Purpose Project course is all about.

It is an online course, dedicated to helping employees bring their why to work so that it intersects with your team or company purpose.

In 7 steps and 7 classes, discover what purpose is, how to explore your own unique purpose and how to write a purpose statement. You’ll get to plan your own purpose project and learn how to pitch it to your boss in just 3 minutes.

The course is for self-driven leaders who want to bring their own personal purpose to work and engage their team and/or company in the project.