The Purpose Project Course

A course that shows you how to bring your own unique purpose to your current workplace.

Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Why are you here?

These are big, and often scary, questions to ponder, particularly with regards to your work-life.

Yet, we spend half our waking hours each day at work, so it makes sense to make them meaningful. The best part is, you don’t need to wait for others to give you permission to bring your why to work. You can start right where you are, right now, no matter where you work – and without having to look for a new job! I call this ‘BYO Purpose’.

In The Purpose Project online course, in 7 steps and 7 lessons, I’ll show you how to follow my proven path to purpose. You’ll learn how to explore your own purpose, write your own purpose statement, plan a project to bring it to life and pitch your special project to your manager.

Who is the Purpose Project course for?

Are you struggling with lack of purpose and meaning at work? Are you restless and lacking enthusiasm and motivation? Do you have hidden talents, interests and passions not being fulfilled?

Perhaps you feel you need to find a new role within your company, find a new job and company to work for, or even start a new business to fulfil your purpose?

The course is for anyone who feels there is something more but who would like to try and fulfil their purpose in their own workplace rather than look for it elsewhere.


Why purpose matters

Pablo Picasso said “the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” It seems that us humans are hard-wired to live a life of meaning but that many of us have never fully explored our gift.

Purpose goes beyond mission, plans and goals. Purpose can be defined as ‘achieving something that is meaningful to you and of consequence to the world beyond yourself.’

A sense of purpose helps you deal with the ups and downs of work and life.

It leads to greater resilience, physical and mental health. It keeps you inspired, motivated and committed. It’s the thing that will get you out of bed every day itching to get to work.

Here’s what you’ll learn

The Results

Purpose in Action