Talk on Purpose

Get your team connected and united by purpose and improve their communication and storytelling skills with Talk on Purpose.

Your purpose is more than just a tagline on your website. Your people should know it, truly believe it and be skilled at telling a story that demonstrates your purpose in action.  

Everyone in your school or workplace needs to be able to accurately communicate your why in an engaging and genuine way – both internally and externally. It’s the best PR exercise you could ever invest in!

Schools and companies who don’t invest in purpose and storytelling may end up with confusing and ambiguous messages resulting in poor public perception.

Talk on Purpose tackles this head on. It’s both a personal development and professional communication course for your people, like no other.

A well-known and shared purpose leads to greater connection, clearer communication and happier people. It breaks down silos and hierarchies across teams and divisions or where people are working remotely.

Keeping your remote and in-house teams connected – and ensuring everyone is on the same page – will lead to better results.

Who is Talk on Purpose for?

Talk on Purpose is a highly unique course for 12 people at a time. It’s for school and company leadership teams, boards and executive teams and people across different divisions and silos of a school or business.

It’s ideal for any team who wishes to connect deeply with each other over subjects beyond profit, KPI’s and numbers.

My aim is to connect your people to each other ‘on purpose’, no matter their role or experience. Anyone at any level of your school or company will benefit.

I make the course personal and relevant to every participant and show them how to share the purpose by tapping into their own personal purpose and experiences.

The course dramatically improves written and verbal communication, confidence and engagement through the art of telling memorable stories.

Carolyn’s course was a gift during the remote learning period for principals. It gave them the opportunity to listen to each other’s stories and bond as a group during this most challenging time.

We developed a great partnership with Carolyn with this course for our Principal Executive Network. Her dedication was evident with her attention to each participant and engaging presentation. ‘Talk on Purpose’ has provided an opportunity for principals to think deeply about their ‘why’ and experience the power of sharing it.” 

– Aynur Simsirel, Principal Consultant, Independent Schools Victoria

How the course works - communicating your purpose and brand story

I work with the tools and frameworks from my book, The Purpose Project to connect your staff to purpose and make it meaningful to them through teaching the art of personal storytelling.

Talk on Purpose is a virtual, in-person and/or hybrid course held in a flexible way to suit your situation. It requires a total of around 12 hours per person to complete and can be delivered in two days or in blocks of time over a period of weeks.

The course culminates in participants writing and delivering their own 3-minute TED-like talk to a live audience at a virtual or in-person graduation event. The audience is made up of guests invited by each of the participants – co-workers, managers and even family or friends.

The talks are professionally filmed and photographed (optional), which makes fabulous content for internal communications or for your website or social media.

The course can also be easily integrated into your other Learning & Development, Induction or Emerging Leadership programs.

Carolyn Lancaster is the Volunteer Coordinator for RSL LifeCare, an aged care provider with 28 facilities, 630 volunteers, 3500 staff and 7500 residents. View Carolyn’s Talk on Purpose
View Carolyn’s Talk on Purpos


Gain clarity of purpose and write your own purpose statement (personal, team and/or company) to connect with why you do what you do, not just what and how.


Learn how to write a powerful and tight script that has a high impact beginning, middle and end.

Public Speaking

Practice your talk with others and receive constructive feedback. Gain confidence in sharing your story and message.


Deliver your talk to a live audience of your choice, virtually or in person and develop valuable content for internal and/or external distribution.

Does your school or company articulate a higher purpose beyond grades and profits?

If you do, that’s a fantastic and important first step.

However, it’s highly likely your people don’t know this purpose. And if they do, chances are that it’s not meaningful to them or they don’t know how to effectively communicate it through story.

The Results

Talk on Purpose builds a more effective team using a proven methodology with proven outcomes. 

By the conclusion of the course, your people will be a cohesive unit. Each person will be deeply connected to their purpose and role and the collective purpose.

“This course would be great for any team. It opens up a whole different dynamic that you don’t usually get to explore with your co-workers. It brings you closer together. It gives you insights into each other that you just wouldn’t get through the course of day-to-day work.”
Matt Perfect,
View Matt’s Talk on Purpose

By completing the course, they will have:


Gain a greater sense of commitment to your team, business and leadership responsibilities.


Improve in all areas of your communication by being more open, vulnerable and courageous in the sharing of your story.

Team Building

Get deeply connected to your colleagues and develop ideas on how to build a magical team using the storytelling ideas and tools of this course.

Let's build a connection

Build a more connected, engaged and focused team with Talk on Purpose. Whether they’re working remotely or all under the one roof, this course will make an impact.

If you’re wondering whether your school or company could benefit from Talk on Purpose, try the Purpose Health-Check first. It will give you an idea of where you and your staff sit in terms of their connection to purpose.

Download the health-check and discuss it at your next team meeting. It will be a bit of fun and a useful indicator of how important this course might be for you.

Or if you think this course might be for you and your team, book a conversation.

I’d be happy to have a chat about the benefits of the course and your expected return on investment.

Purpose in Action

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