Turn your purpose* into action.
Build a better world.

*Purpose: Accomplishing something that is meaningful to you and consequential for the world beyond yourself.

Purpose unites and ignites people. It connects teams, breaks down silos and improves engagement and performance.

The world of work has been turned upside down. Teams working remotely. Mental health issues escalating. Engagement and motivation waning. So, what can you do?.

A common purpose is the best place to start. Do you have a company or team purpose? Do your people know it and act on it? And can they tell your purpose story in a powerful way that engages other people, inside and outside your company?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, I can help. I help clients discover and articulate purpose, develop a purpose activation plan and bring it to life through the mastery of storytelling.

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Bring your why to work. Start where you are.

Why are we here? What is most meaningful to us?
How is the world better because we exist?

THE PURPOSE PROJECT is a practical handbook filled with models, real-life stories and practices for business leaders, employees, entrepreneurs and students who are committed to bringing meaning to life at work.