Bring your why to work. Start where you are.

A higher purpose than profit is now an imperative for a thriving workplace. Purpose answers the fundamental questions of…Why are we here? What is most meaningful to us? How is the world better because we exist? 

The Purpose Project is a practical handbook filled with models, real-life stories and practices for business leaders, employees, entrepreneurs and students who are committed to bringing meaning to life at work. The book shows you how to integrate your personal work purpose with the higher purpose of your organisation starting right where you are, right now.

Conscious Marketing: How to create an awesome business with a new approach to marketing

Conscious Marketing teaches you how to bring a higher purpose to marketing your business that can benefit customers, employees, investors, suppliers and the community.

Through innovative principles and in-depth case studies, this book shows you how to turn your business into a movement that attracts the best people and the greatest opportunities.

Unstuck in Provence: The courage to start over

At the age of 46, after years of single-motherhood and the unbearable feeling that life is going nowhere, Carolyn decides to get radically unstuck.

After selling her home, putting her flagging business on hold and ending an unhealthy love affair, she takes her 12-year-old son Billy to live in Aix en Provence, France.

Carolyn’s very real and raw daily diary entries reveal how she goes about healing herself and recovering her spirituality and creativity.

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Marketing your Small Business for Dummies

Attract customers and ensure the ongoing success of your small business with this no-nonsense guide.

This book gives you straightforward strategies to find more prospects, build your customer base and secure market share. Small-business guru Carolyn Tate empowers you to apply hundreds of high-impact and creative ways to market your business without breaking the bank.

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