Introducing Everyday Activists, my 2020 purpose project.

Real stories of real people doing really good things.

Everyday Activists is a series of stories introducing real people doing really good things for the world. They’re not Johnny-come-lately’s. They’re not wealthy or famous. They’re not great campaigners or caped crusaders. They’re everyday people who’ve always been doing good, well before our current state of emergency. They’re the quiet achievers and the humble leaders. They’re at the grassroots and they’ve been birthing a new earth for years. They’re the ones who inspire me to become an everyday activist in my own life and work.

The world is watching as Australia burns. Here in Melbourne, a thick blanket of smoke has rendered the CBD sky-line indiscernible. The sky is ashen grey. There’s not a hint of blue or a cloud in sight and the sun has gone into hiding. The smoke is permeating everything. My eyes are scratchy. My mouth is dry. Mostly however, my heart is heavy.

And I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m only dealing with second-hand smoke and second-hand despair. I can’t imagine what it’s like for those on the front-line experiencing the devastation and destruction first-hand. My thoughts and prayers feel entirely inadequate.

If there’s just one upside to the fires, it’s that we’re all now being forced to accept that it’s time for action lest our time be up. We’re being called to urgently turn our shiftless apathy into radical activism.

At the big end of town we’re seeing big names making big pledges and big headlines. Kudos to them. I hope they keep it up. We need it all. But honestly, I’m really not that interested.

It’s the small end of town that really lights me up. I’m most inspired by the grassroots activists, the ones on the ground who’ve been doing really good things for a really long time already, without the kudos. They’re the ones who’ve been preparing for our impending demise for years. They knew it was coming and they’ve dedicated themselves to their cause regardless.

They’re the ones I most want to be like with the stories I most want to share.

The idea for Everyday Activists took three months to gestate. It first came to me in October 2019 at the end of a relationship. While my own wounds seemed minor compared to the wounds being inflicted on mother nature, somehow my personal pain merged with our collective pain to plant the seed for my 2020 purpose project. I’ve always believed that pain leads to purpose. Now I know it’s true.

I’m now on a mission to share the stories of Everyday Activists from across the world. Where this adventure will take me, I’ve no idea. I’m surrendered to the possibilities. I’ll practice approaching this project with an open heart and an open mind, which is all we can ever really do, right?

My greatest wish is that we’d all become Everyday Activists, in small ways each day and in big ways by taking on a project that really matters to us. I hope these stories inspire you to take the leap.

The first story of Annie Bolitho, Death Educator & Companion is coming soon. It will change the way you think about, and approach, death. Digging into death is a sure-fire way to make the most of life.

Gosh, Annie is a special woman. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

With love and purpose,


PS: A note on that word ‘activists’. I personally feel the words ‘activists’ and ‘activism’ get a bad rap. The dictionary defines activism as “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change”. For me however, activism isn’t so much about campaigning but about taking action to change something in our everyday life.

PPS: If you’d like to nominate a very special person to be featured in Everyday Activists, contact me at