Pick your Purpose Project. Learn by doing it.

I’m on the home stretch of the first draft of my latest book, The Purpose Project.

As I write about my own experiences and those of other purpose-driven people, my perspective on purpose has shifted profoundly. It seems that the more I write, the more I learn. And the more I learn, the more clarity I gain. The more clarity I gain, the better the writing. And so on.

It’s the ultimate ‘learn by doing’ process.

Through writing, I’ve come to understand that us humans are not destined to have one single purpose until death do us part. I advocate instead, the shift towards a purpose-driven lifestyle based on the adoption of various Purpose Projects.

Purpose Projects have three essential ingredients. Firstly, they are about taking action towards a project that has an outcome and an impact. Secondly, the project is meaningful to us based on our passions, beliefs and values. Thirdly, the project is consequential for the world beyond the self. It’s restorative and regenerative for humanity and the planet.

If you’re currently focused on your profession (the intersection of what you are good at and what you can be paid for) at the expense of what you love and what the world needs, it’s the perfect time to adopt a Purpose Project to explore what’s possible.


You don’t have to throw away your current job or business to do this. You can start right where you are today. You start by picking a project, but not just any old project. You take your time to deeply consider and explore various project ideas. You get clarity on what you want and why. It’s only then that you commit. Then you learn by doing it.

One of my Purpose Projects is the writing of The Purpose Project. In July this year, I sent my first 20,000 words of the manuscript to a traditional publisher explaining that I was keen to release the book in mid 2017. Two weeks later I received a response from the publisher telling me I was too late. They’d just been to the UK and the US attending book fairs where there’d been numerous presentations on upcoming books on the topic of purpose. “Purpose is peaking,” I was told.

This was all the motivation I needed to forget conventional publishers, finish the book and self-publish The Purpose Project ASAP. This is how you know if your Purpose Project is ‘on purpose’. You just have work to do.

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Love Carolyn

PS: You can download a sample chapter of the book on my website

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