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May 2020 | Standing at the crossroads. A Conversation on The Coronation.

The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein really resonated for my good friendAngela Raspassand I, so we decided to have a conversation on it. “When you’re standing at the crossroads; A Conversation on The Coronation.” Listen here

November 2019 | Wise Women Rising Interview

In this podcast interview with Karen Thompson-Anderson, Cherie Scott and Kate Lawrence we discuss the power of purpose and storytelling in compassionate activism. Listen here

October 2019 | Interview with Bev Ryan Publishing on Publishing & Purpose

In this podcast with Bev Ryan discover how to tap into your purpose and get writing and publishing your own book. Learn what you can do now to get started!Listen here

March 2019 | Interview with Rebecca Tapp on Decoding Purpose

Tune your headphones into Episode 7 of the Decoding Purpose Podcast and find out how to unearth your Golden Buddha and make Purpose practical. Listen here

March 2019 | Podcast Interview with Martyn Thomas of Hatched Media

Listen to this 30 minute podcast interview with Carolyn Tate on why Purpose matters and why companies should invest in it as the driver of human potential. Listen here

Feb 2019 | Interview with Dr Jesse Green of the Savvy Dentist Podcast

Jesse, coach and mentor to dentists in their own small business interviews Carolyn on Purpose and how to create a purpose-driven practice. Listen here

Dec 2018 | Is Purpose the Business Buzz Word of 2018? | AFR article

A great article on how companies are approaching Purpose and how to go about making Purpose real and meaningful in your workplace. Read more

June 2018 | Podcast interview with Angela Raspass of Your Next Chapter

An interview with Carolyn on her own purpose journey, what she’s learnt, what she’d do differently and why we should start where we are in our current job to find meaning and purpose at work. Listen here

Conscious Capitalism | A Library of the best books on Purpose & How to build a Conscious Business

The Purpose Project has been listed as one of the best books to buy on purpose and how to build a conscious business. Check out the library. Review here

September 2017 |Podcast interview with Melis Senova, author of This Human

In this interview by Caitlin Cook with Melis Senova and Carolyn Tate, we go behind the scenes of creativity, writing and living your philosophy. Listen here

August 2017 | Radio interview with Grace Gedeon on Conscious Marketing

In this ‘breaking through with Grace’ interview we explore the concept of Conscious Marketing and how we can take a fresh approach to marketing ourselves and our businesses. Listen here

July 2017 |Podcast interview with Kylie Lewis from Of Kin on The Imperative of Purpose

In this podcast, we explore the concepts of Carolyn’snew book, The Purpose Project. We discuss where purpose comes from, how to find it and how we can bring our own why to work.Listen here

July 2017 |Podcast interview with Carolyn Tate & Geoff McDonald, The Ideas Architect

In this podcast interview on purposeyou’ll discover what purpose is, how to reach our highest potential andhow to write a book amongst other things. Listen here

July 2017 |Feature story in Herald-Sun Body & Soul |What’s your purpose?

In this article by Charmaine Yabsley, Carolynwhy its not your willpower stopping your from hitting your targets, it’s your lack of purpose .Read here

July 2017 |Article by Rory Manchee | Is it possible to bring your why to work?

In this book review of The Purpose Project by Rory Manchee you’ll discover if its really possible to bring your why to work in today’s workplace. Read here

July 2017 |Slow your Home | Podcast interview with Brooke McAlary | Find purpose in your work (without quitting your job)

In this podcast interview discover how to find your why and bring it to your current work starting right where you are. Listen here

June 2017 | Bring your WHY to work| Podcast interview with Julia Duffy of Better Boards

In this podcast interview Carolyn shares that Purpose doesn’t need hierarchy that we can all bring our own why to work starting right where we are.Listen here

June 2017 | Honestly Woman Magazine Interview with Carolyn Tate – Part 2

In this article, Carolyn shares more on why you don’t need to quit your job to find your passion and how you can bring it to your work right now. Read more

March 2017 | Find your Possible | Podcast interview with Nikki Wright

In this podcast interview Nikki Wright, co-founder of Mezzanine interviews Carolyn on how to find your possible and how to become a conscious marketer on purpose. Listen here

March 2017 | Honestly Woman magazine interview with Carolyn Tate – Part 1

In this article, Carolyn shares how she became an author, her top conscious marketing tips and a her thoughts on purpose. Read more

Feb2017 |Tall Poppy podcast interview with Carolyn Tate & Tathra Street

Are youmaking a dying instead of making a living at work? Discover how to bring your own why to work and start where you are, right now.Listen here

Jan 2017 | Xero Article | My advice to the start-ups of 2017

Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted. In this post Carolyn gives three key pieces of advice to anyone contemplating starting their own business. Read more

Dec 2016| The Leap Stories| A book by Kylie Lewis from Of Kin | Featuring Carolyn Tate

Intimate interviews on overcoming fear, choosing courage over comfort and designing a fulfilling career.Buy here

Oct 2016 |Green is the New Black in Asia | Carolyn speaking in Singapore

Carolyn was invited to speak a the GNBA conference in Singapore. In this talk she shares the Golden Buddha story and her purpose models with her audience. Watch here

Oct 2016 | Slow your Home| Podcast Interview withBrooke McAlary | Part 2 -Conscious Capitalism and more

Find out more about Conscious Capitalism and B Corps andmaking a difference in business with thisinterview between Carolyn Tate & Brooke McAlary(1 hour). Listen here

Sept2016 | Slow your Home| Podcast Interview withBrooke McAlary | Part 1 – It’s the Journey not the Destination

Find out more about slowing down, making a difference and how to build a purpose-driven business in this interview between Carolyn Tate & Brooke McAlary(1 hour). Listen here

Aug2016 | Casey Radio 97.7FM|Radio Interview withDr Linda Wilson

In this radio interview with Carolyn Tate, discover more about slowing down, B Corps, conscious capitalism, purpose and bringing meaning to our work.(2 hours). Listen here

July 2016 | Buildinga purpose-driven business community|Interview with Carolyn &George Samuels

Listen to this hour-of-power podcast on what it takes to build a purpose-driven business community. Listen here

June2016 |It’s our time| Podcast Interview with Angela Raspass

It’s our time is a podcast interview between Carolyn, Angela and Samantha Nolan-Smith. It’s time for women to stop conceding and start leading (1 hour, 22 mins). Listen here

March 2016 | Profit on Purpose| Speechdelivered at Huddle DesignFest

Watch Carolyn’s talk;Profit on Purpose: The Solution to the Culture Crisis which was delivered for Huddle DesignFest recently (32 minutes). Watch here

March 2016 | The Toxic Fox Show | Interview with Diana Barnett

Bringing courage, consciousness, compassion, connection and co-creation to the business world through a new approach to learning (37 mins).Listen here

March 2016 | Westpac Business | Why strong values are good for business

No company can determine its values without understanding its purpose first, says Carolyn Tate, author of Conscious Marketing and the founder of Melbourne’s Slow School of Business. Read more

February 2016 | Beth Jennings Photography | Meaning is the new money

Beth is a world-class storytelling photographer who captured beautifully in words and pictures what it means to be a conscious pioneer and a champion of change in the business world. Read more

January 2016 | Beth Jennings Photography | Go Slow Go Well

A day trip to Nagambie with The Slow School of Business to check out the ‘off-the-grid’ home ofDonna and James Winter-Irving, resulted in a beautiful ‘city meets country’ friendship, captured by the wonderful Beth Jennings. Read more

November 2015 | BKindred |Words with Friends Interview

Join this unconventional conversation with Penny Locaso of BKindred, Meneka Premkumar of Common Good Store and Carolyn Tate. Gain insight into a movement that’s creating a paradigm shift in business. Listen here

October 2015 | Acuity Magazine | Reinventing Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism, a philosophy that puts caring at the centre of business activity is taking root in corporate Australia. Read more

September 2015 | Of Kin | The Leap Stories

The older I get, the less I care for competition. The more I wonder what the point is of creating competitive environmentswhere there are winners and losers, where faster, bigger and cheaper is valued more than culture, purpose and the human condition. Read more

August 2015 | Peppermint Magazine | On slow business

A former marketing professional, Melbourne’s Carolyn Tate is director of Carolyn Tate & Co. and founder of The Slow School of Business. (Double click on article to enlarge.) Buy magazine

August 2015 | Business State Bank of Melbourne|Profit for purpose

Author of Conscious Marketing, Carolyn Tate, chats with Business State about why businesses are uniquely placed to bring about positive change and what it means for your marketing. Read more

July 2015 | The Age| Merging home and work

With an increasing number of professionals working from home, it’s predicted that by 2020 40per centof the work force will be operating remotely. By 2030 that figure could be as high as 50per cent. Subsequently, co-working spaces for freelancers are proliferating. Read more

July 2015 | Interview with Angela Raspass | Embracing your second act (audio)

Angela interviews Carolynabout her ‘second act’ in life after she gave everything up to start over again in Aix en Provence in 2010. Hear the story of her journey since taking the leap and finding her purpose. Listen here

June 2015 | BRW | How a burnt out marketer rediscovered her love of capitalism

When Carolyn Tate decided that her work as a marketing consultant was pretty meaningless, her answer was to shut down her business, sell up, give away her possessions and take her son Billy on a journey of self-discovery to Aix en Provence for five months. Read more

June 2015 |Interview with Sandy McDonald | Clarity of Purpose (audio)

Clarity is not often tackled as a topic. Surprising really, given that you can’t achieve anything of any valuewithout it. Doing the hard work of clarity helps youfind your purpose– why you do what you do for whom. Listen here

June 2015 | Interview with MiBusiness | Being a conscious leader

Conscious Marketing is not about corporate social responsibility or philanthropy. Check out this interview with MiBusiness and MiVision magazine. Read more

April 2015 | Interview with Suzi Dafnis | Changing your approach to marketing (audio)

In this herBusinesspodcast interview with the author ofConscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business With a New Approach to Marketing, Carolyn Tate shares her marketing philosophy. Listen here

March2015 | Herald-Sun|People over profit shapes outlook

After working in marketing and consulting to big corporates, Carolyn Tate had an epiphany about 13 years ago. (Double click on article to enlarge).

July 2014| Slow Living Magazine |The Slow School of Business

Carolyn Tate was a disillusioned marketing executive until an epiphany revealed a whole new mission.She hated her work and daily life dragged. Carolyn Tate, stuck in the kind of rut painted on the faces of a downtrodden commute, didn’t know what, but knew something had to give. Read more

November 2014 | French Provincial | Starting over in Aix en Provence

When Carolyn Tate realised her life needed a radical transformation, she decided to take the plunge and move to France for five months. But, with a 12-year-old son in tow, how did she manage to make it work?Read more

August 2013| Story byKath Walters|Why I hate marketing

We all get sick of our jobs, sometimes, but it is a dark day when you realise your entire profession makes you sick.That is how marketing professional Carolyn Tatecame to feel about her chosen field. After 20 years in marketing, she’d seen it all, and she didn’t want to see it any more. Read more