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Work with a best-selling author and purpose-driven writer.

I used to be a professional marketer. Hell, I even wrote three books on the subject. Then one day in 2010, I came to the blinding realisation that I despised marketing with a passion.

My ex-journo friend Kath even interviewed me on the subject. Why I hate marketing is one of her most read blogs as it turns out. Must have hit a chord.

‘When you have a crap company, you have crap marketing,’ I said. Ouch! Them’s fightin’ words.

The interview came off the back of a whitepaper I’d written which later became the inspiration behind my book Conscious Marketing published by Wiley’s in 2015. It’s premise? A purpose beyond profit makes marketing matter—and stick.

Building on that success, I authored the best-selling book The Purpose Project in 2017 and began teaching purpose in workplaces and schools across Australia.

Both these books are filled with stories of the companies and people who are embedding purpose-driven practices in their lives and workplaces.

Since authoring these books, the world has turned upside down. But two truths remain.

First, purpose-driven companies outperform profit-centric ones. Without a purpose that puts people and the planet first, you’re going nowhere fast and no one is listening.

Second, storytelling is king. It is your marketing. A compelling narrative that drives your purpose home is essential to cut-through, captivate your audience and attract good people.

As an ex-marketer, purpose-digger and story crafter, I’m driven to write the stories that move people to remake our world. If you’re committed to bringing your purpose to life through a fresh and powerful narrative that grabs attention and moves people to action, I’m the one to help.

Curious about how I can help craft your story?