Reflections from Ubud & The Learning Revolution

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Buddhist Proverb

Sadly this is my final blog from Ubud. It’s been a fabulous work-cation. I’ve had the opportunity to rest and reflect, connect with the locals, see a little, work diligently, eat a lot, get fitter, thaw out my bones after the cold Melbourne winter and set some powerful intentions for 2014. I’d recommend a work-cation to anyone with the dream to live and work globally.

The successful reinvention of my business did not come about by following some cookie-cutter five-step program promising seven figures in no time.

It came about from a deep desire to enquire within. I was ready to learn and my teachers appeared. Those teachers were my own wisdom and experience, my business coach, my friends in business, my Hub co-workers, my clients, TED talks, books, conferences and more.

The depth of my enquiry and the quality of my questions helped me uncover my deepest purpose, test it’s public viability and then reinvent my business.

The problem with most teaching today, is that it’s based on giving you answers to irrelevant or even unhelpful questions. The teachings guide you into following a path that’s been laid out for you by others, instead of helping you forge your own path, the one that’s far less travelled.

The days of stand and deliver teaching are over. No more chalk and talk. No more, ‘do as I say, for I’m the expert’. No more lectures. There’s a quiet learning revolution underway, and it starts within you.

A revolutionary teacher does not hold all the answers. A revolutionary teacher helps you to ask the right questions, guides you to the resources that contain the answers and keeps you accountable to act. He or she provides the safe container from within which you can learn and grow to be your best self.

In most schools and teaching institutions, the learning is done in the class and the ‘homework’ is done at home. In Reinvent your Business we turn learning on its head – we do the learning at home and the ‘homework’ in the class, together. We each become both the student and the teacher.

If you’re keen to be a part of a revolutionary business learning program, I’d love to hear from you.  You can:

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What one thing will you do differently to join the learning revolution?

Yours in conscious marketing

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