Take your Purpose Pulse-Check

As leaders, we can no longer ignore the fact that our people are actively seeking meaning and purpose at work.

There’s not doubt that your most enlightened people (the ones you most need to keep) are searching for purpose. They’re either looking for another job in a more purpose-driven company or a not-for-profit or they’re considering starting their own business. Perhaps they’ve not considered how they might bring their purpose to their current work?

And that’s where you can help.

In this video, I share a simple way to test in just three minutes, how important purpose is to your people and how ‘on purpose’ they currently feel at work. I call it the Purpose Pulse-Check. It’s a way to determine your people’s desire for purpose and whether they’re truly ready for it. Share this test with your team and offer them the opportunity to talk to you personally about their result.

If they score a 5 or more, they’re absolutely ready to do something about exploring purpose, identifying a purpose project and bringing it to life.

I’d love to hear how you went with this test. Feel free to get in touch to share.

Yours on purpose,



PS: The Purpose Project Online Course is a simple, effective, 7-step process to help your people bring their why to work. There’s a course for individuals and one for leaders who want to lead and coach their people. READ MORE.

PPS: Right now, I’m planning a very special offer for leaders/managers who want to inject a little purpose and happiness into your team over the festive season by gifting your people this course. Contact me if you’d like to know more.