Jane’s Team Purpose Project

One big objection to BYO Purpose to work, that I often receive is, “We can’t have everyone take time out to work on their purpose project or the day job won’t get done.” I’ve responded to that objection in the video below by sharing  the story of Jane, a leader in an advertising agency. (I share how a team project might be adopted.)

What I didn’t share in the video, were the benefits of a team purpose project. Here they are:

  1. Each person will be fine-tuning their creative talents to bring to their daily work, team and clients.
  2. The team will be more cohesive and a sense of community and belonging will evolve.
  3. People at risk of leaving will stay and become more engaged and productive.
  4. The company becomes an ’employer of choice’ to attract the very best talent.
  5. The company has a competitive advantage, keeping clients loyal while also attracting new ones.

There are many benefits to allowing teams (and individuals) to bring their why to work. The best part is, that it’s easy to get started. All it requires is a courageous self-leader to take the initiative and open up the purpose conversation with their team. Is this you? If so, you might like to take a peak at The Purpose Project Online Course.

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If you’re a leader and you want to see if the Leader Pack is for you and get a sneak peak into the Leader’s Guide, please reach out. I’m here to help.

Yours on purpose



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