Is there a TED-style talk in you?

Recently I was watching a few of the top 20 most viewed TED talks. It’s an impressive list, topped by a few of my all time favourites by Ken Robinson, Brené Brown and Simon Sinek. What’s your top TED talk?

I’ve always personally coveted the idea of doing a TED talk? Have you?

But what makes a good TED talk? For me a good TED talk does three things. It makes me think differently. It makes me feel differently. And most importantly, it makes me act differently.

There’s a difference between ‘sharing’ an idea and ‘spreading’ it (a thought introduced to me by my friend Michael). Spread means to scatter, disseminate, proliferate and promulgate. Spreading might hit the think and feel buttons, but it rarely hits the action button.

Sharing on the other hand means to be involved in, to contribute to or to have a hand in. Sharing invites people in. It makes them feel empowered to act. It gives them something to do.

That’s why I was very excited to see Sandy McDonald in action at the TEDx Melbourne event last year where she shared some profound stories with us all and received a standing ovation. Watch her talk here

Since that date, Slow School has hosted two excellent ‘Is there a TED-style talk in you?’ courses with Sandy, Jon Yeo (TEDx Melbourne curator), Yamini Naidu (Business Storyteller) and Rob Moorman (social videographer).

This course has had a profound impact on the 30 people that have graduated so far. Check out their videos on Slow School TV here for some inspiration.

If you have an idea to share and a story to tell, come along to our next course commencing 14 April, and  make it happen.

Is there a TED-style talk in you? Course information here

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