Your Brave and Safe Space

Women have incredible stories inside waiting to be unearthed and told.

Stories of our own lost identity. Stories of injustice in our workplaces. Stories of our powerful female ancestors.

Examining these stories and writing them is an act of respect and reverence. It’s a way to pay homage to our own life and story, and all the women who feature in our story.

It’s challenging to dig up these stories and write them alone. We don’t get started for a myriad of excuses; lack of time, a belief that our story is not worthy, that we can’t write, or that no one cares.

So the story remains buried and unwritten—a constant niggle.

Brave Women Write would not have seen the light of day without my own Writers’ Group. These women pulled me out of the quicksand time and again and they kept me writing (and publishing) until the finish line.

As we approach the last month of our current Brave Women Writers’ Circle, I’m more convinced than ever that women need other women to get the work of writing done. When we come together to write, we drop all the excuses and we start to believe that our story matters and has a place.

I’ve found that there’s a wonderful sense of relief found in circle. We discover that other women experience the same yearnings, the same blocks, challenges and doubts. Our private problems become shared problems and they lose their grip on us.

There’s also magic in the telling of our stories. It’s no longer about me and my story. It’s about we and our story. We start to weave a beautiful and luminescent web where each story connects to the other and contributes to the collective.

Together, we have created a brave and safe space.

If you have a story waiting to be written, I urge you to find a writing buddy or a group of women for support. A group of women where you can write brave and get your story out onto the page. Because it’s tough to get the work of writing done alone.

Who are the women you need to create your brave and safe space?

We’ll be discussing these ideas and more at the Brave Women Write Dinner on Tuesday 16 April in Melbourne. It’s an intimate dinner for 12 women where we’ll be workshopping and sharing our stories. I’d love for you to join me.


With love

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Carolyn Tate is an experienced author and educator and is the facilitator of the Brave Women Writers’ Circle. The 12-week course guides you to bring your writing project to life while connecting you to a courageous community of other women writers.