The Most Beautiful Question.


It’s that time of year again. Can you feel it? We’re starting to receive ‘those emails’. You know the ones. They’re those serious Year in Review emails offering a list of excruciating questions for us to ponder. Each question is carefully designed to help us uncover the lessons learnt from the ‘annus horribilis’ of 2020 so we can plan for 2021 to be an ‘annus mirabilis’. As if.

I promise you won’t get one of those emails from me.

If you’ve read any of my books or previous blogs however, you’ll know I’m the worst repeat-offender when it comes to asking too many questions. I love posing them (to myself and my readers), journaling on them and answering them ad infinitum. I’m addicted to questions. I have so many questions inside, and mostly very few truly satisfactory answers.

Questions are so heady. They take us down dark rabbit-holes that are impossible to back out of. They lead us to lands we often don’t need to traverse. They wake us up at 3am in the midst of a deep slumber. They cause us to ruminate, postulate and do our level best to formulate future plans, even in a largely uncontrollable world as COVID has proven.

In short, questions cause us to think too much and thereby feel too little.

This festive season I’m kicking my addiction for a while. I’m weaning myself off questions (and thinking) and giving my brain a break to focus on everything below the neck instead.

I am however, going to allow myself one ‘most beautiful question’. It’s one I’ll be asking over and over again during the holidays. “What does my heart, body and soul feel like being or doing right now?” Then I’m going to be and do that. Dance. Swim. Breathe. Read. Meditate. Sleep. Run. Garden. Cook. Dream. Sing. Run. Stretch. Nurture. Watch. Laugh. Listen. Touch. Cry. Cuddle. Drink. Eat. Play. And most importantly…Love.

For you, the single ‘most beautiful question’ might be an entirely different one to mine. It’s not a question I can pose to you, but one only you can pose to yourself, perhaps over and over again like me. What’s your holiday question? I’d love to know.

Thank you for joining me and reading my stories each week. I don’t take your support for granted and I hope you glean a little pearl of wisdom from my musings. If you know of anyone that might need to read my words, please suggest they subscribe.

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As always, if I can be of service reach out. I’m here. I care.

With love





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