The Second Wave.


Some years ago, I was wallowing in the crystal-clear waters of Coogee Beach, face turned towards the shore waving at my son Billy to join me. Before I knew it, a fierce wave had engulfed me, dumped me upside down and propelled me into a tumbling spin. I had no control over the wave. All I could do was surrender to it. Finally, it released me. I stood up to catch my breath, compose myself and wait for that strange tingly feeling in my nose to subside.

As a qualified Surf Lifesaver, I was acutely embarrassed. We’d been taught to never turn our back on the ocean and how to conquer the waves. Sometimes, we only get the lesson when it hits us in the face, right? Literally, in this case.

Soon a second wave was on the horizon, much bigger than the first one. I had two options. To retreat to the shore and avoid the potential of being dumped again, or to wade out and face it head on. Option one lacked courage. Option two it was then.

This time, I remembered what I’d been taught. Three seconds before the peak of the wave hit, I took an enormous breath, dove deep towards the ocean floor and grabbed the sand below to anchor myself. The wave crashed over me leaving me intact and in control. I stood up victorious and a little bit pleased with myself. I’d learnt the lesson so I could now deal with the next wave, and the next.

This is a particularly pertinent analogy right now. As we face the second wave of Coronavirus and continued restrictions, we have a choice on how we deal with it. Perhaps the key to riding it out, is in diving to the ocean floor, grabbing the sand and anchoring ourselves to something we’re truly passionate about?

For me, writing is my anchor. It’s the very thing that keeps those COVID waves from turning me upside down. I’m 10,000 words into the book I’m truly meant to be writing.

Even though I’ve already published five books, I’m approaching this whole writing thing with the mind and heart of a novice. I’m doing all I can to learn more about the profession of authorship. I’ve joined the Australian Society of Authors, a most excellent organisation and ‘a must’ for any writer to join. I’ve taken their courses on how to pitch to publishers and present online. I’m part of a little writers group where we keep each other motivated and accountable. I’ve been reading and studying books in my genre from authors I love. I’ve been developing a list of publishers, exploring finding an agent and writing a pitch and synopsis for my book. I’ve immersed myself in my anchor of authorship.

We all need anchors in life to help us ride the waves, particularly right now. What’s your anchor? I’d love to know.

If you’re exploring what your anchor might be, then perhaps my course will help? As a thank you for following me, I’m offering The Purpose Project online course for just $97 (RRP $297) today. Use the coupon code ‘Purpose2020’.

As always, if I can be of service reach out. I’m here. I care.

With love




PS If you missed my recent podcast Conversations on The CoronationListen here

About me: I’m a Purpose Educator and author of The Purpose Project. I help leaders attract and retain the best people by harnessing the power of deep purpose and storytelling. I do this through The Purpose Project for Companiesa customised consultative process for co-creating a new purpose statement and The Purpose Project Coursea 7-step online course to help employees bring their own why to work.

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