Welcome to a new era in marketing

Last week, after 12 years, I bid a sad farewell to my old business Connect Marketing. This week I’m open for business under my new brand, Carolyn Tate & Co. Welcome!

The decision to reinvent my business was not taken lightly and it took 12 months of slow yet steady progress to make it a reality. In the fast, furious (and often broken) world of marketing, a slow and gentle approach prevailed. I practiced on my own business what I now practice with my clients – mindful, purpose-driven, minimalistic marketing.

(If you haven’t read the full report on why I believe marketing is broken and what we can all do about it, click here.)

An estimated $6.5 trillion per year is spent globally on marketing and advertising and 3000+ messages are being received per person per day. Despite this, 86% of consumers say they distrust marketing. Clearly marketing needs to be reinvented.

Each fortnight in this blog, I’ll be taking a deep dive into ways we can adopt a more conscious approach to marketing and business.

I’ll be challenging us all to do one thing different – one thing, big or small, that will decrease the dent we’re making on the world.

For me, I’m off to close that Pinterest account I opened up 18 months ago and have never used since.  What one thing different are you doing?

Here’s to a new era in marketing. I hope you’ll join me.

Yours in conscious marketing

Carolyn Signature

PS If you’re keen to learn more about how I can help you or your company take a slow and mindful approach to marketing, click here.