The courage of your convictions

We’ve all done it.

We’ve taken on clients and projects we don’t love in order to pay the bills.

We’ve responded to half-baked briefs for projects that are under-funded and ill-conceived.

We’ve cut our prices to win the work.

We’ve acted like a supplier instead of a partner and acquiesced to get the job done satisfactorily (but not brilliantly).

We’ve responded to a request to troubleshoot a problem at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible, despite the fact that the problem has been brewing for years.

We’ve let the client’s perceived wants dictate the terms even though we can clearly see their needs require a totally ground-breaking, revolutionary approach.

It’s time to breathe. Stop. Trust. Listen to yourself.

It’s time to tell the client what they need (nicely of course) and not pander to their perceived wants.

It’s time to tell them you don’t pitch, you don’t compete and that you don’t cut your prices.

It’s time to let them know you can only help if you set the terms and conditions together.

It’s time to be honest, so honest that you won’t mind if you lose the job.

It’s time to show so much care and consideration for the client that you won’t take the work if you truly can’t help.

It’s time to do work you love, for people you love, in the way you want.

For NOW is the time for freelancers, consultants and  professional service providers everywhere to start acting like true partners, not suppliers.

It’s time to show the courage of your convictions. Find out more about how I can help and book a chat with me. It could change your life and your work, forever.

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