Join me at The Hub Sydney on June 7

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson

On 1 May 2012, I made an irreversible decision to reinvent my business.

I decided that my business would become a vehicle to turn the marketing profession on it’s head, to bring about a conscious marketing revolution and thereby contribute to the elevation of humanity.

While I was a bit vague on how I’d do that, once the decision was made, the universe conspired to connect me with all sorts of incredible people to help me crystalise my vision.

In just 12 short months, I joined an awesome co-worker community at The Hub in Melbourne (being launched right now in Sydney). I became the Victorian Community Leader for Conscious Capitalism Australia. I developed a new brand Carolyn Tate & Co. and a private advisory program that I’m already using with great success with clients.

Every morning I give gratitude for what has transpired over the past year. And that’s why I want to share my reinvention story with you and show you how it can be done.

I’d love for you to join me at the Hub in Sydney on Friday 7 June. You’ll discover how to reinvent your business with some of the principles of The Method. You’ll learn more about the Conscious Capitalism movement and you’ll be taken on a tour of the Hub. And finally we’ll connect over a few drinks and nibbles at the end of the day.

As a connect subscriber and friend, the cost for the day is just $49 if you use save50 promo code. To find out more and register Click Here

If you can’t make the event but would still love a chat about how to reinvent your business, please shoot me an email. I’d be happy to chat with you. Email me

Can’t wait to connect with you again.

Yours in conscious marketing