Dear 2016. Thank you and Goodbye.

Dear 2016,

Goodbye and thanks, although I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of you. You dealt up some pretty crappy stuff for us frail human beings to cope with. You know… Trump, Adani, Brexit, Syria, Cohen, Orlando, Bowie… Of course, you dealt up a whole host of pretty damn good things too, but mostly we didn’t learn about them because the media likes to keep us in fear by only reporting the bad stuff.

Anyway, I reckon you were trying to send us all a massive lesson. You were trying to make us all furious and forlorn. You were trying to break our heart and break our will. You were trying to warn us that the beginning of the end could very well be near.

Maybe you thought that if you made it bad enough, us dumb humans would all wake up? Maybe you thought we’d start to behave like compassionate citizens instead of pathological consumers? Maybe you thought we’d finally question the point of the work we do each day and if it really matters?  Maybe you thought we’d turn our zombie-like apathy into radical daily activism?

Whatever your intention, even though I’m glad to see the back of you, I reckon you might have started something. There’s a shift happening. I can feel it. Everyone’s talking about it. Actually, more than that, everyone’s actually doing something about it. I think maybe, just maybe, we all really did start to hear you.

I for one, heard you. I feel like I received the lesson. You cracked me open. You made me even more committed to do the work I do. You made me buy less, share more, hate less, love more, downsize and minimalise. You awakened the divine feminine in me. You made me a powerful warrior woman, just like Shakti. You told me loud and clear, that it was time.

You did that 2016. So, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though you’re gone and I’ll never see you again, I’ll always remember what you did for me.

With love always

Carolyn Signature



PS I do hope you shared your message with 2017 before you left us. It would be tragic if she didn’t get it and went on her merry way ignoring the ground work you started for her.

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