Hello from Ubud & Seven Serious Questions

Hello from Ubud, Bali! I’m writing this blog from my new office, the most beautiful co-working space in the world, Hubud. I’ve just arrived for a one-month work-cation to write, work and rest. My new home is The Honeymoon Guesthouses. My new family is my co-workers (I’ve already been roped in to host a talk on Conscious Capitalism tomorrow and there’s a Halloween party on Thursday night). My other regular hotspots will be The Yoga Barn and my local spa (yet to be discovered).

For the past 18 months I’ve been slowly, purposefully and mindfully reinventing my business – new purpose, new vision, new positioning, new services, new pricing, new market, new brand, new book deal, new everything! It’s been hard work and I really do deserve this work-cation. It’s a celebration for all that I’ve achieved and a time for me to reflect and rejuvenate.

For many of us busy solo professionals, after years of selling our time and expertise it can start to feel like we’re making a dying, instead of a living. Somehow the work just isn’t inspiring us like it used to and the income seems to be waning with it. We get to a crossroads with a big decision to make. One of those decisions may be to radically overhaul and reinvent your business like I did.

Take this little test and ask yourself these seven serious questions to see if a reinvention is for you:

1. Do you lack purpose and meaning in your work? You want to do work you love for people you love, in the way you want that makes a difference and makes you happy.

2. Is your business model broken or non-existent? You want to build a model and product/service range that allows you to capitalise on the years of work and IP you’ve accumulated over many years.

3. Is your income erratic and uncertain? You want to generate a regular monthly income to give you certainty over the future and so that you can take work-cations like me.

4. Does your pricing model no longer serve you or your clients? You want to stop charging by the minute, the hour, the day, the project and you want to be paid for value on retainer and for results achieved.

5. Are you always on the exhausting marketing and sales trail? You want a mindful and minimal approach to your promotions, one that is enjoyable and that nets results.

6. Is your industry broken and do you feel like a pawn in the game? You want to fix what’s broken, become a leader in your industry and shake things up to regain the respect of the public that you serve.

7. Are you falling behind in this rapidly changing world? You want a business that is switched on and up-to-date, that harnesses technology, allows you to be mobile and connects you to like-minded professionals globally.

How many yes’s did you score? Enough to consider a reinvention? There’s no time like the present to take that first step towards reinventing your business, and I’d be happy to help. Here’s how:

  1. Contact me for a 30 minute ‘reinvention review’ where I’ll help you determine very quickly the first steps you can take Click here
  2. Attend my Reinvent your Business webinar, Live from Ubud on Thursday 14 November where I’ll talk you through the reinvention process. Click here
  3. Check out my Reinvent your Business program, a 12-month program for up to 20 experienced solo professionals, commencing January 2014, by application Click here

I look forward to connecting with you in one way or another soon!

Yours in conscious marketing

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