Your finest work is yet to come

I absolutely love working with mature small business owners.

It’s because I know that your finest work is yet to come.

After a myriad of failures and successes and financial ups and downs, you finally come to a crossroad. This crossroad can creep up on you slowly as a series of niggling doubts, or it hits you with full force right between the eyes.

It appears because you’re asking yourself Is this really what I want to be doing for the rest of my working life? Am I really doing my finest work? Is my work fulfilling my purpose and is it really making a difference?

At the crossroad there’s a signpost pointing to one of three paths to take.

Path one is Business as Usual
(Carry on, stop whinging and just get on with it.)

Path two is Give Up
(Get a job. This business stuff is all too hard.)

Path three is Reinvention
(Take a leap of faith. Reinvent your business so that it fulfills your deepest purpose.)

Personally I’ve spent about two years on the first path, 12 brief months on the second path (just to be sure that I never, ever want to go there again) and the last glorious 12 months on the third (and final) path.

I know that many people reading this will be at a crossroad like I’ve been. If you take path one or two, the paths of least resistance, you’ll most likely find yourself back at that crossroad again and again.

If on the other hand, you take path three, the toughest but most rewarding path, just know that your finest work is yet to come and that your next act really will count not just to you but everyone you touch.

I’d love to explore that third path with you. Drop me a line.

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Yours in conscious marketing