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The world of marketing and advertising is fundamentally broken and it’s contributing to the destruction of humanity.

There’s simply no escaping it. We’re bombarded with ads and promotional gimmicks from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to sleep.

In any given day we’re exposed to more than 3000 marketing messages (that’s more than 2 per minute).

Marketers and advertisers have reordered and rearranged our world to put their commercial graffiti in front of us at every opportunity.

Our letterboxes are stuffed full with flyers and catalogues and letters from banks offering us easy credit so we can buy more stuff we don’t need (how they got my personal details I’d like to know).

The only calls we get on our landline are from the telco companies themselves trying to convert us or up-sell us (the very reason I cancelled my landline).

We’re interrupted on every street corner by tin-rattlers on commission pleading for money for a charity they know or care little about.

Our in-boxes are violated with spam every five minutes from people selling Viagra, SEO and websites and dating services for seniors (hell I’m not even 50).

Then of course there’s radio, TV, magazines, papers, billboards, sporting venues, buildings, buses, trams and airports. No space is sacred. Even our skies and green rolling hills are seen as blank canvases by marketers and advertisers.

While the media and promotional options have increased ten-fold, the quality of the message has regressed in direct proportion. It feels like we’re all just shouting at each other.

There simply has to be a better way to spend 100 billion dollars a year*, particularly when 80% of it simply doesn’t work and adds zero value to our lives.

As ‘consumers’ (an odious word adopted by marketers), we’re tuning out and turning off. If we do tune in, most of what we witness is hard-sell, predicated on fear, attacks the competition, talks to us like we have an IQ of 5 or promises something it simply can’t deliver.

As small business owners, we’re just as guilty as the big guys, despite our limited budgets. When we need more business we simply turn up the volume and frequency of our promotions and spray our message to as many people as possible using every low-cost tactic in the book.

In short, we’re all both the victims and the perpetrators of unconscious binge marketing and collectively we’re contributing to the decline of humanity.

There is a better way. It’s called conscious marketing.

Conscious marketing is all about working on the inside first starting with the 3 P’s of purpose, product (or service) and people before even thinking about the fourth P of promotions.

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It’s time to change the marketing paradigm and join the marketing revolution. Till next time!

Yours in Conscious Marketing

*In 2009, 11 billion was spent on advertising alone in Australia. I’ve taken a very conservative 10x guesstimate to come up with this figure taking into account all costs associated with marketing such as ad agencies and marketing departments right down to website and printing costs (and much more).

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