Death of the billable hour & Conscious Marketing Master Class

Selling your time is self-serving. Counting minutes, hours and days is soul destroying. No one wins. Not you. Not me.

WHAT you do and HOW you do it is irrelevant to me.

WHY you do it, the results you achieve for me and the love you show me is what keeps me coming back…and raving about you.

If you’re in an industry that earns a crust from selling your time, now’s the time to stand up, lead the pack and take a fresh new ‘client-serving’ approach.

It’s time to reinvent your business withConscious Marketing.

Conscious Marketing is all about creating something so compelling right into the heart of your business so that people simply want to join your tribe and tell everyone about you (including the way you value and charge for your time and expertise).

Want to find out more about how to do it?

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It’s time to change the marketing paradigm and join the marketing revolution. Till next time!

Yours in Conscious Marketing


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