New Year, New Purpose?

The EOFY is a time when financial performance tends to take precedence over everything else. For a few crazy weeks (or even months) it’s all about sales, revenue, expenses, budgets, share-price and maximising profit while minimising tax.

Even our most socially responsible companies can show signs of being driven by their pocket in the mad scramble to end the year on a financial high. It’s the time of year where rational financial imperatives can take over, leaving your people feeling emotionally and spiritually bereft and questioning why they turn up to work every day beyond a pay packet.

Now we’re at the beginning of a new financial year, perhaps it’s time to take a breather and explore how to rebalance the imperative of profit with the deep human need for your people to have purpose and meaning in their work?

So, how do you reorient your company and your people towards a higher purpose than profit?

No matter where you are on the path to purpose (personally or as a company), I hope you find this selection of my most popular blogs just what you need to take the next step.

The 7 Trends on Purpose: Discover how automation and AI will drive purpose and how to avoid purpose-washing and more. Read here

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Bring Your Why to Work. Start Where You Are: Discover how to BYO Purpose to work and why action always precedes clarity of purpose. Read here

How to Write a Powerful Purpose Statement & 10 of The Best: Discover the essential ingredients of a meaningful, inspirational and actionable purpose statement. Read here

How to Start a Purpose Movement in Your Company: Discover why we need to approach purpose as a ‘movement’ rather than a ‘program’. Read here

If you’re ready for more meaning in your workplace, why not buy a copy of The Purpose Project for yourself here , order bulk copies of the book for your team here or book a purpose conversation with me.

Here’s to a purposeful (and profitable) year ahead!

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