Turning Ideas into Words

Ideas come to us in all forms at any time. In the shower. On a morning walk. In conversation with a friend. While listening to a podcast. Even while we are fast asleep.

In any given day we might receive hundreds of ideas that we could/should/would implement if only we had enough money/time/grit.

Sometimes these ideas, particularly the low-stakes ones, are worthy of instant implementation.

99% of our ideas however, are not. Like the wind, they stir us up for a while before they pass right on through.

It can be just like that with our writing. Ideas are plentiful. While most are passing through, a few will whirl around us and gently land.

Just because an idea lands however, doesn’t mean it must be turned into words.

Between the idea and the writing of it, there is a liminal space.

It’s in this space that we offer the idea the time and grace to germinate and grow. It’s where we still our mind, connect to our heart and notice what the idea stirs in us. It’s where we ask ourselves if the idea will pull us closer to our purpose or push us further away.

It’s where we share our idea with a trusted confidante. It’s where we explore the idea through journaling. It’s where we gather intelligence and do some research. It’s where we take our idea into nature and sit with it.

How long is this liminal space? Minutes? Days? Months? Years? And how do we know when it’s over?

I do not know. Because it’s not our choice.

One day out-of-the-blue, the idea whispers to you… ‘Enough. I’m not for you. We’re done.’ So you set the idea free for the wind to carry it onto some other unsuspecting soul.

Or it whispers…‘It’s time. We are both ready. Let’s begin.’ So you’ll have no choice but to roll your sleeves up and turn the magical idea into marvellous words.

A writers job is not to seek ideas but to know how to sit with the idea when it lands. Always in the liminal space. Always.

Do you have an idea germinating in the liminal space? What’s happening with it? I’d love to know.

With love

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