What are you reading these holidays? What is inspiring you to write?

I hope you are resting up and making the most of the magical days between Christmas and the New Year. Perhaps, like me, you’re making the most of this liminal space to read — and even write?

Writers are first and foremost, avid readers.

And holidays are the best time to read books that will inspire you to write.

There are two types of books to read. The first are books on the craft of creative writing such as Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert or Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.

And of course there’s Brave Women Write.

The second type of books to read, are those similar to the style, theme, genre and/or era you intend to write on.

In 2024, I’m beginning the epic journey of writing a novel based on the life of my Grandmother Elsie.

Elsie endured two World Wars, The Great Depression, drought, bankruptcy, loss of agency over her own life and alienation from her family as she was institutionalised for 12 years.

Uncovering her story within the context of the patriarchal, societal and political conditions of the time, requires extensive reading and research.

So, these holidays, I’m reading books such as Wifedom by Anna Funder, Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus and An Angel at My Table by Janet Frame and I’m revisiting books I’ve already read like The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland. 

While all different, they are books with strong feminist themes offering new insights and inspiration for my own novel. Each, in their own way, make my fingers itch to write.

What books are you reading these holidays that are inspiring you to write? I’d love to know.

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Happy holidays! And happy reading and writing!


With love

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