Write Your Way To Freedom

I first read this well-known story in Lori Gottlieb’s book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.

It’s about a prisoner trapped behind the bars of a jail cell. She shakes the bars desperately trying to get out, but to her right and left, the cell is open—no bars. All she has to do is walk around, but still she frantically shakes the bars.

That’s been true for me in the past. What about you?

We remain stuck behind the bars, unable to see a way out to freedom. Imprisoned by our beliefs, roles, relationships, fears, and the stories we tell about ourselves, we can’t step sideways and then forward.

We imprison ourselves because it’s more comfortable behind the bars. Because with freedom comes uncertainty and self-responsibility and most of us find this terrifying. It’s safer to stay in jail than to step into the unknown.

Writing is the most direct pathway I know to finding freedom. Examining our stories through the written word gives the past perspective and helps us to get unstuck. It leads us to making braver choices, so we might step out from behind the bars towards a brighter future.

It’s a magical experience writing your story in the company of other women.  Sharing your story with others in a safe and brave space leads to even greater freedom.

On Tuesday 30 January at 5pm, I’ll be closing registrations for the next Brave Women Writers’ Circle which begins Friday 2 February.

If you’ve been thinking about stepping into the circle, don’t wait.

Because there’s never a perfect time to write your story. The perfect time is now.


With love

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Join the next Brave Women Writers’ Circle
Beginning Friday 2 February 2024

Are you a woman who yearns to share your story with the world? Do you often suppress your inner voice and wait for that perfect day to write? Or perhaps you’ve begun writing and are feeling stuck? If so, the Brave Women Writers’ Circle is the right place for you.

As an experienced author, writer and educator, Carolyn Tate will lead and facilitate the Brave Women Writers’ Circle. With only 12 places available, the 12-week program guides you in bringing your writing project to life while connecting you to a courageous community of other women writers.