Your One Word & Ask Me Anything

Welcome back.

This is my first blog for 2022 after a long soul-nourishing break. In my last blog of 2021, I shared the idea of choosing your one word of the year. Your one word is one to live by. It’s something you want more of. And it’s an anchor to return to when you find yourself off-course or dealing with life’s daily challenges. What’s your word for 2022?

This year, I’ve chosen the Aboriginal word Dadirri; the practice of deep listening, quiet inner still awareness and waiting. I chose it because I’m prone to haste and headiness, sometimes making decisions I might later regret. Dadirri for me, is about letting go and allowing nature, synchronicity and soul to guide my choices and direct my path instead. It’s about trusting that what is meant for me, will find me.

Dadirri has even informed the future direction of this blog. Throughout lockdown I was nourished by the most wonderful Redhand Files of Nick Cave where he offers fans the opportunity to ask him anything. He answers their questions with such poise and poignancy that it makes this little writer feel wholly inadequate. It’s a must read for anyone open to profound contemplation on what gives life meaning.

So, inspired by Nick, I’ve decided to run an experiment for the next few months. Instead of writing about what I know on the subject of purpose in the assumption you’ll want to read it, I’m inviting you to ask me questions instead. It will give me the opportunity to practice Dadirri before I respond.

So, here we go. Hit reply and ask me anything. If I don’t know the answer, I won’t lie. I’ll just do my level best to point you in the right direction.

Till next week.

With love and purpose

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