Conversations That Matter.

Wow, my story of Ensō and ‘The Space Between’ from last week, really struck a chord! Thank you to everyone who reached out and the many heart-warming conversations that ensued.

Everyone shared that they were definitely sitting in that space right now. Many loved the essay, The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein and agreed with his supposition that humanity is standing at the crossroads. Many were also strangely okay with the uncertainty, the discomfort and the ‘not knowing’ what’s next. What about you?

“I wish a lot more people would embrace not knowing. I say that both to those who embrace the dominant narrative, as well as those who hew the dissenting ones. What information might we be blocking out, in order to maintain the integrity of our viewpoints? Let’s be humble in our beliefs: it is a matter of life and death.” – Charles Eisenstein

The Coronation really resonated for my good friend Angela Raspass and I, so we decided to have a conversation on it. Listen to our podcast; “When you’re standing at the crossroads; A Conversation on The Coronation.”

After reading the essay and listening to the podcast, I hope you’ll be prepared to have the conversations that really matter…

  • Conversations that allow us to sit in ‘the space between’ for as long as it takes.
  • Conversations that give rise to more questions than there are answers.
  • Conversations with loved ones that perhaps you’ve not had the courage for.
  • Conversations with friends and business colleagues who care as much as you do.
  • Conversations that inspire and encourage our young adults – our future leaders.
  • Conversations that connect us to our own deepest intuition, creativity and ingenuity.
  • Conversations that don’t keep us stuck but that help us take tentative steps forward.
  • Conversations that precipitate revolutionary change for humanity and the planet.

“Very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care.”  – Meg Wheatley

Reach out if you’re keen for a conversation with me. I promise to help you stay in ‘the space between’ and that I will ask you more questions than you will ever have answers for.

No apologies. I’m here. I care.

With love

Carolyn Tate

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