Dear Women. It’s Our Time. Let’s Rise.

Two men. Two tragedies. Too much.

Tragedy 1: Donald Trump, a man that spreads hatred and represents the absolute worst in humanity, has been elected as President of the USA.

Tragedy 2: Leonard Cohen, the love of my life, a man that spread only love and who represented the absolute best in humanity, has died aged 82.

Was Trumps ascension to the throne the signal Cohen needed to ascend to a higher place?

It’s somehow sacrilegious to be writing about these two men on the same page, I know, but both these tragedies have unearthed deep grief in me.

For a week now, like many of you, I’ve been working through the inevitable stages of grief from denial to anger to depression and acceptance.

But there’s something way deeper than acceptance that has emerged.

It’s ascension.

It’s my own ascension to claim my place as a Warrior Woman making change happen. It’s my ascension into an ever-deeper commitment to do the work I’ve been called to do, to ensure it has greater depth, greater impact and greater reach.

What the world needs right now are millions of women mobilising, ascending, rising and claiming our rightful place as leaders in our families, in communities, in business, in society and in every country, everywhere.

Now more than ever, we need purpose-driven, heart-centred women stepping up and leading while being guided by the feminine traits of love, compassion, deep listening, intuition and inspiraction [inspired action].

If not now, when? If not you, who?

It’s our time. Let’s rise.

Love Carolyn