The greatest objection to purpose.

Over the years I’ve been speaking about purpose in the workplace, one of the greatest objections that comes up from leaders is, “What if I help my people find their purpose and they leave?”  (I have a cheeky response to this objection in this video.)

If you’re a leader and you know your people as well as you think you do, you will know the very people in your team who are searching for meaning and purpose. No doubt, they’re your best people and the ones you most want to keep. They’re the ones you want to speak to now so they don’t leave to start their own business or take up a job in a more purpose-driven company or not-for-profit.

When I speak at events with C-suite leaders and ask how many are having ‘purpose conversations’ in their hallways or boardrooms, about 50% of hands go up. Yet when I speak at events where the audience is mostly middle managers and employees and ask that same question, not one hand goes up. It seems that purpose is not trickling down or through many companies.

I don’t believe however, that trickle-down purpose, like trickle-down economics really works. It’s not something that must be mandated by leaders or something we need to ask permission for. It’s something we can each take a self-leadership approach to. The greatest catalysts of purpose, won’t necessarily be C-suiters. They’ll be purpose-driven middle managers who care deeply about the team they lead every day. These are the ones that I want to support and why I’ve created The Purpose Project Online Course.

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Yours on purpose



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