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Brave Women Write is an invitation for readers to join a movement of women writing stories that matter—about women, for women. It’s a way to tip the scales and rebalance history with her-story.

The Brave Women Writers’ Circles are here to help women bring the practices in the book to life. They’re a safe and supported space for women to find their courage and write the stories that might otherwise be lost and remain untold.

When women come together to write something magic happens. Every woman’s story has a place in the circle.  There’s an invisible yet unbreakable thread that connects us all.

I’ve been interviewing each of the brave women in the circle about their projects and progress in the hope that it will inspire you to write your story too.

Today, I’m chatting with Katherine Jones. After 30 years in academic publishing, Katherine has a new vocation as the Neighbourhood Engagement Coordinator at the Baptist Church in Collins Street, Melbourne. ‘It’s never too late to change lanes,’ says Katherine.

In this chat we explore why Katherine joined the circle, why women’s stories are hidden and why they must be shared and what she loves about the act of writing with other women.


The current circle closes on 20 October with a celebration at our farm in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. The next Brave Women Writers’ Circle will now kick off on Friday 2 February after a much needed break.

If you’re intrigued reach out for a call to see if it’s right for you. BOOK A CALL

I’d love to help you write that story that’s lurking around inside. If not you, who? If not now, when?

With love

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Join the next Brave Women Writers’ Circle
Commencing Friday 2 February 2024

Are you a woman who yearns to share your story with the world? Do you often find yourself suppressing your inner voice and waiting for that perfect day to start writing? Or perhaps you’ve begun writing and are feeling stuck? If so, the Brave Women Writers’ Circle is the right place for you.

As an experienced author, writer and educator, the Brave Women Writers’ Circle will be led and facilitated by Carolyn Tate. With only 12 places available, the 12-week program is designed to guide you in bringing your writing project to life while connecting you to a courageous community of other women writers.