What Makes The Brave Women Writers’ Circle So Special?

There are 1001 courses, books, groups and mentoring programs you can join to get your story written. Perhaps you’ve already tried many of them?

The Brave Women Writers’ Circle runs over 12 weeks offering a combination of Zoom and in-person gatherings. The circles bring to life the 33 practices in the book, Brave Women Write

Each woman is empowered to discover their authentic voice and write their story with courage and conviction.

So, why would any woman choose to step into the next Brave Women Writers’ Circle? What makes it so different from other writing courses?

    Common Purpose: We share a common purpose to find our voice and write the stories of women that might otherwise remain hidden and untold. Together we are tipping the scales to rebalance history with herstory. This is the glue that binds us.

    Learning Together: In traditional learning, the teacher stands at the front of the classroom as the font of all knowledge. In our circle, we are all both teachers and students learning together by sharing our unique insights and experiences.

    Diverse Voices: The women are from different cultural backgrounds, have various jobs/professions and some are in transition in their life stage. There is a richness in our diversity which creates a sense of inclusion and belonging.

    Circle Co-creation: Everyone contributes to the richness and depth of the circle by offering their unique skills and strengths. As an example, each woman is bringing an offering to the upcoming closing of the circle at our farm in Red Hill.

    A Small Circle: There are just nine women in this circle (the maximum will only ever be 12). The small group size creates a safe space for women to find their authentic voice and write with courage together.

    Accountability: Each woman is working on their own project and each one has a different objective for their writing. We check in regularly on how we are tracking, both as a group and with our allocated buddy.

    No Experience Required: Some women in the circle have never taken to the page before while others are experienced writers. This creates an appreciation and willingness for us all to approach our writing as a novice, no matter our writing expertise.

    Writing with Mother Nature: We are each deepening our connection to nature as we write, whether that’s through private journaling at our sit-spot or the gathering for the closing circle. Nature is our muse and vital to our evolving writing practice.

    But don’t just take my word for it. See how the circles are impacting the writing lives of Jacqueline, Amanda, Carly, Kirsty and Katherine by watching their video interviews.

    The next Brave Women Writers’ Circle kicks off on 2 February 2024. It’s not really that far away! If you’re thinking of joining and getting prepared for the circle over the summer holidays, please reach out for a call.

    And please do spread the word. Perhaps there’s a special woman in your life who is ready to write?

    With love

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    Join the next Brave Women Writers’ Circle
    Commencing Friday 2 February 2024

    Are you a woman who yearns to share your story with the world? Do you often find yourself suppressing your inner voice and waiting for that perfect day to start writing? Or perhaps you’ve begun writing and are feeling stuck? If so, the Brave Women Writers’ Circle is the right place for you.

    As an experienced author, writer and educator, the Brave Women Writers’ Circle will be led and facilitated by Carolyn Tate. With only 12 places available, the 12-week program is designed to guide you in bringing your writing project to life while connecting you to a courageous community of other women writers.