13 Writing Ideas to Help you Stay Sane & Thrive through the Silly Season

Whatever your beliefs and challenges around the festive season and no matter how busy you are, writing can be a powerful tool to help you stay sane, survive and even thrive through the Silly Season.

Whether you’re new to writing or an accomplished author, this list of writing ideas will help you flow through the season with gratitude and joy.

    #1 Journal first thing on waking.
    Buy some coloured pens and a ring-bound exercise book (nothing fancy) and commit to journaling every morning even if it’s for just five minutes before you hop out of bed. Use it to consciously create the day ahead.

    #2 Create a writing nook in your home.
    Every writer needs a space of their own, a cozy den that’s out of bounds to others. Claim your nook and make it your creative haven so you’ll feel compelled to escape, sit your bum down and write.

    #3 Find a sit-spot in nature, observe then write.
    Think you don’t have time to just sit under a big ol’ tree and write during the Silly Season? Think again. Nature is the ultimate muse for writers—and it helps you handle the stress of the season. Try just 30 minutes a week.

    #4 Begin thinking about your writing intentions/projects for 2024.
    I say phooey to New Year’s resolutions. They never stick. Instead start now to think about your goals for next year. Let that book idea in you marinate. You know it’s in there somewhere. 

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    #5 Curate your holiday reading list.
    Writers are discerning readers. Give up the media over the holidays and instead devote that time to your must-read books (paper not digital). Put one on your bedside table, one in your day bag and one in your holiday bag.

    #6 Write a love letter/s to your loved ones at Xmas.
    This might sound a bit weird but sometimes it’s easier to write about how you feel than voice it. Write a personal love letter/s and post it to them. If you’re brave, read it to them.

    #7 Establish some fun writing rituals.
    Rituals are essential to get you in the mood and find your flow. A 5-minute meditation. 5 minutes of journaling. 10 deep breaths. A candle. A special playlist. Anything to get you out of your head and into your heart.

    #8 Devote time to your writing.
    Don’t let the Silly Season celebrations soak up all your precious time. Book time in your diary now for writing instead of letting other people’s demands dictate your days. This might just be the ultimate sanity saver!

    #9 Adopt the Pomodoro Technique as you write.
    This is a fabulous way to get the words down on the page. Write as much as you can without filtering or editing. At first write it straight, then later write it great.

    #10 Find a writing companion.
    Writing with a friend is a great way to stay committed to your writing project, whether it’s in person or over Zoom. Agree when, where and how often you’ll write together and book it in your diary now.

    #11 Cultivate the art of storytelling.
    Creative writing is all about our ability to weave a magic story that will hit the hearts of our readers. Great stories take us on an epic journey. Explore The Hero’s Journey and The Heroine’s Journey.

    #12 Set yourself a 21-Day Writing Challenge.
    My Writers’ Group are doing a 21-day writing challenge from 1 Dec to 21 Dec. (Thanks Yamini for the suggestion). We’ll be writing 500 words (minimum) each day. I’m personally aiming for 750+ words using 750words.com

    #13 Commit now to your writing education in 2024.
    While writers learn best by writing, it’s important to continually educate yourself on the craft. Join a writers’ course now for next year or ask for books on writing as Xmas gifts. (Google best books on writing.)

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    Sure, you can wait until next year to get writing, but I’m willing to bet that if you adopt just three of these ideas now, you’ll enjoy the festive season just that little bit more. You’ll also have taken the first step into a whole new world of creative writing in 2024.

    Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. — William H Murray.

    With love

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