A Woman Like Elsie.

I’m excited to announce that Brave Women Write is now here.

Writing a book is one thing. Publishing it and sharing it with the world, is quite another.

Once your words are in the public domain, you can’t take them back. People will make what they will of them and you are no longer in control.

It’s at this point you must remind yourself that you wrote this book for a reason—that you had a purpose.

Me signing books at home ready for posting to my first readers.

My purpose for writing Brave Women Write was to help women heal their hurt, find their voice and write their story. I want women to know that our stories matter, and that now more than ever, they need to be told.

I want to kick-start a movement of everyday women rebalancing history with herstory because I’m tired of men’s voices and stories dominating the past and defining the future.

My purpose was reaffirmed for me just last weekend.

You see, I was raised on the stories of my male ancestors; the settlers, the farmers and the footballers while the stories of my female ancestors went largely minimised and untold.

So when my cousin Susan invited me to join her on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of our grandmother Elsie Vandepeer with my father John (Elsie’s son), I knew I had to go.

As I stood on Narungga Country on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia (the land settled and farmed by my ancestors), I imagined Elsie here as a child. It was a deeply moving experience and one that is not yet possible to put into words.

Narungga Country/Yorke Peninsula and the land my grandmother Elsie was born on.

Over the course of the weekend, we discovered that Elsie experienced more grief than one should have to bare. She survived two World Wars, poverty during The Great Depression, the birth of four children, a marriage to an unkind man who abandoned her and more than ten years locked up in an institution.

I came away from the trip committed to continuing our research throughout 2023 and writing Elsie’s story. I know it will be harrowing but I trust her story will offer an understanding of the past so we can create a better future—for all women.

Maybe you have a woman like Elsie in your life with a story waiting to be told? My hope is that Brave Women Write will be just the companion you need to help you write it.

With love

Elsie as a young woman (far left) next to her mother and two unidentified women and girls.

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