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Grief. It’s universal. It’s what makes us fully human. It’s what helps us become a kinder, braver, better person. It’s what leads us to a more meaningful life.

Whether it’s private grief at the end of a marriage or the kids leaving home, or a more ubiquitous collective grief over ecological collapse or species extinction, there’s no escaping grief in all its forms.

At the end of 2020, my relationship ended. What ensued was a six-month writing drought. I was loveless and wordless, stuck in a kind of stagnant sorrow— perhaps depression.

One day, after an unlikely encounter with my ex, the grief became unstuck and it hit me hard. The only way through was to return to the keyboard, to get writing again.

The result was my new book, Brave Women Write.

Amazing cover design by Holly Dunn 

For me, writing is the most accessible and effective way to find relief from grief. It has the power to transform heartbreak into renewed hope—and even happiness. And if not happiness at least a semblance of acceptance and reconciliation.

Writing is like a warm and comforting blanket. It’s a place to wrap ourselves up, feel and express the grief, examine it and make sense of it in the scheme of our lives. Writing helps us move through, or at least accept the sorrow, so we can take action again.

Brave Women Write is a manifesto for women who yearn to write for both personal and planetary healing and change. In the book, I share the stories of my fifteen years as an author and the thirty-three practices I use to get my words onto the page and out into the world.

The book will show you how to:

  • Face your grief and use it as a powerful catalyst for writing.
  • Find your voice to become an activist for change with your words.
  • Produce a ‘commitment statement’ to keep you writing.
  • Dig up the events of your life and write compelling stories.
  • Set goals and establish writing routines as a life practice.
  • Write with more courage, clarity and conviction.
  • Determine what to write, why to write and who to write for.
  • Deal with writers block, fear and the deadly comparison trap.
  • Find your writing heroine and ancestral elder for inspiration.
  • Use journaling as a tool for healing and fuel for your writing.
  • Start a writers’ group for companionship and accountability.
  • Create a beautiful space at home that motivates you to write.
  • Edit, publish, launch and market a book and make a movement.
  • Find your purpose and writing mojo through the natural world.
  • Build your know-how through reflection and action exercises.
  • And more…

Even if you’re not experiencing grief right now, this book will still help you find your voice, get your words onto the page and your story written. You might just have decided that it’s time to write your memoir. Or perhaps you want to make writing a practice for everyday life and become better at it. Or maybe you want to write an exposé and right some wrongs in the world.  No matter, this book will still help you become a braver, bolder, greater writer.

Thanks for buying Brave Women Write and best wishes on your writing journey.

With love

Offer ends 31 December 2022.

Single Book: $25 (RRP $30)
Includes signed book & free postage in Australia.

Writers’ Group Pack: $90 (RRP $120)
Includes four signed books & free postage in Australia.

All purchasers receive access to an exclusive webpage on how to start your own writers’ group.

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