Grow your Business Tree

I’ve been in serious planning and preparation mode for 2016. And I’m happy to say there’s not a conventional old business plan in sight! Instead there’s a colourful Business Tree backed by a simple business model, financial projections and a step-by-step action plan. I’ve taken a glorious heart-centred approach supported by a solid practical framework.

My planning has been totally inspired by nature and the elm and oak trees I walk amongst every morning in my local park. They hold the very secret to growing an enduring and prosperous business.

Before planting your tree you must decide what seed to plant (a fast growing corn seed or a slow growing elm). You prepare the soil well and ensure the conditions are right for growth. You nurture that tree until the roots sink deep into the earth and the trunk and branches begin to grow. You tend that tree with all your love even though you surely have little control over its future.

Your tree doesn’t just keep growing and gobble up other smaller trees. It grows to its rightful size and lives harmoniously with the rest of nature. It loses its leaves in winter, and at times a wild storm destroys a branch or two. Your tree reshapes itself to adapt to the environment while still providing everyone with beautiful shade.

Eventually your tree dies but not until it’s fulfilled its purpose.

No matter what stage you’re at in business, it’s never too late to start looking to nature for the secrets. We have just six weeks to get sorted for 2016. Time to get planting and grow your business tree. Contact me if you need some help.