The Corporate Escapee

Almost daily, I come across disillusioned corporate workers contemplating the big escape into entrepreneurship. They’ve had enough of the unhealthy culture, the long hours and the company’s ruthless dedication to profit. They’re desperate to create a business that has a higher purpose that makes a difference.

Not so long ago I would’ve been right behind these Corporate Escapees pushing them off the corporate ship. Today however, I’d be encouraging them to stay.

The reality is, entrepreneurship is not for everyone and the failure rate is high.

And whether we like it or not, the current crop of corporations are here to stay. These corporations need help and healing. And we need passionate, purpose-driven people to stay and do the healing work.

Take Karen for example, an advisor in a large finance company. She was in the audience at a recent staff gathering where I spoke on how to ‘Profit on Purpose’. On arriving home, I found a heart-felt email from her. She admitted her real passion was health and wellbeing and that she was studying nutrition. Sadly she’d been unable to complete her studies due to the incredible pressures of work.

Now just imagine if Karen’s company looked beyond the KPI’s and the sales targets and they enabled her to bring her own purpose to work (BYO purpose). Just imagine if they supported Karen to complete her studies. And imagine if she was empowered to offer clients health advice alongside financial advice (which makes absolute sense as we all know that poor health can be financially devastating).

Karen would never have to become that Corporate Escapee. She’d be helping to heal her own workplace while knocking those sales targets out of the park!

And for those of you reading this that escaped the corporate world long ago, let’s start being real. Let’s share the truth about what really goes on under the hood of entrepreneurship. Let’s help our corporate comrades tap into their purpose and bring it to their workplace.

We don’t all have to run away from work to fulfill our purpose. We can start right where we are. And if you think your company simply won’t come at this, just ask and start doing. And if that doesn’t work, find a company that will. And if all else fails and you think you have the entrepreneurial spirit, take the jump. I’ll be right behind you.


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