The Perfect Day is Today.

Why do so many women’s stories remain unwritten and untold? Why, despite a deep inner yearning to write, do we suppress our voice and story? Why do we put our writing dream on hold waiting for that perfect day that will never arrive?

So many women have a story lurking inside waiting to be written. It may be our own story, our mothers story or our grandmothers story. A memoir, a biography or a potential work of fiction? A short story? A blog? A book?

We lay awake at night plotting and planning how this story should unravel. We feel a little hopeful, even excited at the prospect of writing it. Then morning comes. We get up and get on with the day. Our story is shoved back into the dark recesses of our mind.

We tell ourselves that one day soon we’ll start writing—but not today.

It’s a luxury. I’m too busy. My story doesn’t matter. There are other women with much more interesting stories. There’s bigger world problems to solve than wasting time on my story. I have no writing talent. I’m too old. I’ll be too humiliated. My husband and kids won’t like it.

On and on the excuses go for not writing.

But here’s the thing.

There’ll never be a perfect day to begin writing your story.

So, the perfect day is today.

What if you just devoted 15 minutes a day to writing? What if, every day for a week, you wrote through all your fears and excuses for not writing? What if you began by writing just a thin slice of the whole pie of the story? What if you wrote just 500 words a week? What if you did some creative writing exercises and began journaling to flesh out your ideas?

What if you began today?

Brave Women Write is the perfect companion to support you on your writing journey.

If you have the book and believe that today is the perfect day, you can also join me at the Brave Women Writers’ Circle. It’s free for all those who subscribe to my blog and who have the book and it’s held every Friday from 8am to 9am AEST.

The purpose of these circles are;

  1. To offer a safe space for you to find your voice and write (and share) your story.
  2. To improve your writing skills to become a better, bolder, braver writer.
  3. To create a behaviour shift so writing becomes a regular practice in your life.

If this sounds right for you, and you haven’t already registered, please do join us.

(Note: Register once and then turn up to any or all of the weekly sessions as you wish.)

See you on Zoom!

With love

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