What was I thinking?

In my last blog, I publicly berated myself for not showing commitment to my writing. I expressed my disappointment that I’d let major life events prevent me from devoting myself to my craft.

I shared my simple statement of intention; to live a writer’s life by writing every day, followed by a goal to spend a minimum of two hours per day writing. In that moment, it was a definite and non-negotiable goal.

Two days after sharing the blog, I felt great remorse. What was I thinking? Where was the self-awareness and self-compassion in that goal?

I had to acknowledge the goal was flawed. I’d jumped the gun and set the goal without taking the time to sit with it and understand if it was even possible let alone desirable.

Perhaps I have greater priorities right now than writing for two hours every single day? Like spending that time to promote Brave Women Write (now available at various online book stores by the way). Or working on the Talk on Purpose course I’m facilitating. Or teaching my son how to drive. Or learning how to live with a man after 22 years of living without a partner. Or preparing for the big move to our new home.

So, in yet another helpful session with my accountability buddy Angela Raspass, we dug into the intention and the goal. While the intention remains strong, the goal has changed. I will write every day—even it if is just one line in my journal. And then there’ll be days when I’ll write for two hours, others when I’ll write all day (like today) and other times where I’ll lock myself away to write for days on end (oh the bliss!).

Making a commitment to your writing is not something to keep you trapped. It is, in fact, the most direct pathway to freedom, growth and achievement. However, it takes time to establish meaningful and achievable writing goals and practices. They need time to percolate and permeate so that one day they simply become a habit.

And finally, you can always reset your goals. They are not a tattoo!

So, please accept my sincere apologies if that last blog was just too much. Go gently on yourself—but don’t stop writing.

With love

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