Brave Women Writing Together | An Invitation.

There’s nothing like a seaside stroll with a fellow writer to stir the creative juices.

This morning’s stroll was with the wonderful Mediterranean wanderer Paula Hagiefremidis.

While breathing in the Port Melbourne salt-air and scanning the far horizon, we tossed around ideas for collaboration.

For many years my subject expertise has been purpose while Paula’s has been passion and voice. So, as you’d imagine there were many synergies and countless possibilities.

After an hour of walking and talking, we arrived at Sandbar café. As Paula was ordering the coffee at the counter, I noticed I felt quite flat.

It was nothing to do with Paula’s company. It just felt like something was missing in the conversation and that perhaps there was a deeper purpose for our stroll?

As we sipped our coffee, I enquired about the creative writing retreats she hosts for women in the Greek Islands. As she shared her stories, I felt my flatness turn into aliveness—and it wasn’t just the coffee kicking in.

It was the possibility that my long-held (almost forgotten) dream to write in Greece might become a reality. Perhaps I could join her with my readers at a retreat in 2024?

This sparked a conversation about a new initiative I’m introducing to thank those women who have purchased or recommended Brave Women Write and subscribed to my blogs.

Enter the Brave Women Writers’ Circle. Every Friday via Zoom from 8am-9am AEST we’ll meet to learn and write together.

In this free power-packed hour, you’ll hear a short talk from a guest writer, learn a specific writing technique to aid your writing and complete a 25-minute writing Pomodoro with me.

And guess who will be our very first guest speaker? Paula, of course!

Note: If you can, I recommend devoting your whole Friday to writing after the circle. Bliss!

If you’re a woman who has a story to share through a memoir, biography, fiction or non-fiction book that will drive personal and planetary change for women and Mother Earth, this circle will help you on your way.


(Note: Register once and then turn up to any or all of the weekly sessions as you wish.)

If there’s a point to my message, is that to evolve as a writer it pays to punch through the niceties and the falsities to notice what makes you feel flat and what makes you come alive. When you find that aliveness hang onto it and as soon as you can just write!

See you on Zoom.

With love

My purpose for writing Brave Women Write was to help women heal our hurt, find our voice and write our story. I want women to know that our stories matter, and that now more than ever, they need to be told. I want to kick-start a movement of everyday women rebalancing history with herstory because for too long, men’s stories have dominated the past and defined the future. Is there a woman’s story you must write?

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Applying the practices in the book and through a unique combination of workshopping and mentoring over 90 days, I help turn your fledgling ideas into a tangible book.

I work with women who have a story to share through a memoir, biography, fiction or non-fiction book that will drive personal and planetary change for women and Mother Earth.

If you feel that it’s time to stop dreaming and start writing, make a time for a conversation to see if we are a good fit.

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